04 - 01 - 22
Inner Radiance - A holistic solution to problematic & blemished skin.
Inner Radiance - A holistic solution to problematic & blemished skin.

Our Inner Radiance powder is finally here and we can’t wait to share it with you all. 

Over a year in the making, our naturopath founder carefully researched & developed a holistic solution to target blemished & problematic skin at the contributing factors. 

“As a Naturopath, we are trained to recognise that often a presentation of an imbalance is caused by multiple contributing factors. Often with skin, what is showing on the outside, is a reflection of an imbalance on the inside. You can be using great skin care products but if your liver is sluggish and gut health is not optimal, for example, then all the serums and face masks in the world won't cut it. When looking at skin conditions like acne, we must look at it holistically, factoring in diet, lifestyle and internal factors. When I started MAAEMO it was always my intention for the range to go beyond just surface skincare. I knew in order to truly help our customers with their skin we MUST look at supporting their skin internally.” - Hillary Wilcox, MAAEMO founder.

Inner Radiance is the first product of the MAAEMO Inner wellness range. Radiance works by addressing nutritional factors that may be associated with problematic skin complaints. We created a powerful blend of botanicals, nutrients and probiotics which have been included for their ability to support & encourage skin health. Our naturopath approved complex of ingredients work in synergy to target acne at the 3 main contributing factors - nutritional support, liver support & gut health. Rather than a quick fix, this approach provides a long term solution to clearer, healthier skin. Each serving of inner radiance contains 10% of your RDI on Zinc, 93% of RDI of Vit C and over 2.4 billion CFU of probiotics

Blended with botanical extracts, we thought we would explain just some of their functions: 

  • Guava Leaf: We have included Guava Leaf extract for its naturally occurring high levels of zinc. Zinc is an essential cofactor in a number of important functions in the body, including the immune system & skin health. 
  • Acerola Cherry: A type of cherry, we have included Acerola for its exceptionally high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for skin health, healing the skin & supporting immune function. 
  • Schisandra: Schisandra is an adaptogen with many benefits to the body's adrenal system. Schisandra supports the body's adaptability & response to stress, calming the mind. 

  • Our bodies are cleverly designed to heal/fix themselves.  When dealing with skin issues such as acne or dermatitis, our bodies work hard to do everything they can in order to restore balance to the integumentary system but in order for that to happen successfully, it's crucial that we provide the right environment for this to happen.


    When formulating Inner Radiance, we looked at the main contributing factors of skin issues, gut health, liver function, nutritional cofactors & stress response.  Each ingredient has been carefully selected for its ability to clear the complexion and support skin health. 

    Excited to share this new wellness product with our MAAEMO community, we decided to let our Inner Circle trial this product prior to launching -  We had some amazing reviews. 

    Our Inner Circle got to trial this product for 8 weeks, consuming it daily in smoothies, breakfast or on its own! 

    100% of the trial applicants noticed an improvement in their overall complexion. 

    100% noticed decreased breakouts & acne. 

    69% noticed an improvement in their digestive system, reduced bloating etc. 

    69% noticed decreased acne scarring. 

    77% noticed a reduction in pigmentation. 

    Here’s what our Inner Circle had to say about the new Inner Radiance Powder. 

    "When I first started this trial, I wasn’t sure how it would change my skin. Now I am 8 weeks in and I feel that my skin has completely changed for the better. Prior to starting, I had large pores, pigmentation and some mild scarring mainly on my cheeks, and I noticed over the 8 weeks, all of these issues were going away. My scarring is basically all gone, my pores are so small now they are barely visible, I do not get breakouts except for the occasional pimple around my time of the month, and I love that the powder is sweet too, because I have a sweet tooth!! The flavour and colour of the powder is awesome, it is super easy to drink with water or even add to smoothies I found. I also noticed decreased bloating and energy levels increase. Overall, this product is amazing, I am so glad I got to be a part of the trial because I have definitely seen major changes in my skin. " - Rubia Isgro 

    “If I had samples I would be handing them out to all of my girlfriends. The dramatic change to my skin's texture/ resilience is something everyone should have in their life! It’s a simple process of adding powder to water, which everyone has time to do (especially with lockdowns)! I have tried multiple “beauty powders” previously and feel that this is the first time I have actually seen results." - Emma Crouch. 

    "Great improvement of the digestive system! This is huge as its something I've struggled with long term and haven't really ever had something that helped. I have a lot less bloating and constipation!" - Claire Kenny.