MAAEMO is a conscious beauty brand that considers the health and wellbeing of every life that surrounds us, from our customers, our animals and our environment.

We strive to always ensure that our actions and the way that we practice will leave a positive impact on our community and our planet. At MAAEMO we take the honour of looking after our customers skin with great responsibility, and with this we will continue to research and source the best quality of certified organic ingredients that Mother Earth has to offer.

We believe that skincare should always support and encourage the health of our customers and environment. Never to compromise it. For this reason we will only ever use the purest ingredients and will never include toxic synthetic ingredients in our products.

Our aim is to help each of our customers to reach optimal health within their skin. We achieve this by creating potent, nutrient rich products that utilize well researched botanical extracts and various fruit and nut oils to replenish the skin and deliver it with what we believe it needs to thrive.

We believe that skincare should do much more for the skin than simply hydrating or cleansing. At MAAEMO we have developed our products to perform as nutrient rich agents designed to infuse the skin with phytonutrients in order to service it in multiple ways.