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Pure Protect Collection - MAAEMO Organic
Pure Protect Collection - MAAEMO Organic
Pure Protect Collection - MAAEMO Organic
Pure Protect Collection
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Suited for- All skin types

The ultimate in skin rejuvenation, the Pure and Protect is your go-to in your complete botanical skincare routine with the addition of our new natural SPF- Pure Defence SPF 30

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Our products will purify +  protect + nourish your skin with only certified organic ingredients.
 Includes the Purifying Gel Cleanser, Hydrating Face Cream, Vitalize Face Elixir and Pure Defence SPF 30. 


All skin types - Perfect if you suffer from oily skin, scarring, pigmentation.


Deeply hydrating while delivering essential nutrients to promote optimal skin health.

Vitalize Face Elixir
Vitalize Elixir is a hemp based face oil, blended with a selection of oils that are high in essential fatty acids and anti oxidants to restore elasticity and nourishment to the skin. This non comodogenic face oil replenishes with out blocking the pores.
Pure Defence SPF 30 75g
Pure Defence SPF 30 is an ultra sheer, 100% mineral sunscreen that protects your skin from UV radiation. Formulated specifically for the face, our satin like formula provides a unique, glide on texture that blends into the skin effortlessly, leaving a sheer radiant finish on complexion without leaving a white cast behind.
Hydrating Face Cream
This lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturiser which sinks deeply into the skin to hydrate, restore and repair. The Hydrating face cream contains a variety of antioxidants to restore the skins vitality.
Purifying Gel Cleanser
This uplifting citrus cleanser develops into a delicate foam lifting dirt & impurities from the skin. Enriched with powerful botanicals, this cleanser has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties which will reduce acne and pigmentation while delivering essential antioxidants to protect & restore your natural complexion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Tia King
Age: 24
Skin Type: Combination
My skin has never looked brighter

This is the first skincare that has actually made a difference to my complexion! I am confident not wearing makeup, I actually prefer to not wear makeup now. I have had so many compliments on how clear and hydrated my skin looks.

This makes me so happy to hear Tia! I'm so glad our products have helped. You've made my day x Hillary

Cassandra Tyler
Age: 31
Skin Type: Sensitive
Pure Protect Collection

These products are amazing, I have super sensitive skin and was a little nervous to use it but when I gave it a go, I was amazed!

I'm so happy to hear our products where a perfect fit for your sensitive skin Cassandra! Thank you for trusting us with your skin XX Hillary


I really love this bundle. Sunscreen is lovely just as a base - dewy and protects at the same time. Nice subtle fragrance.
I initially first purchased the mist (which they don’t sell anymore) with this brand, the bundle is great. Just purchased the exfoliant. I’m excited to try that.
Worth the buy!

Age: 27
Skin Type: Oily
Inner radiance powder

I found that it made a difference on my skin in just 4 days! And I’ve also been having regular bowel movements which have helped clear the toxins out of my body to clear my skin.

seanna Sue
Age: 32
Skin Type: Dry
Pure Protect collection

Love using “natural” products but often find they don’t work. Maaemo however has worked magic for me!