All natural glow.

“Next generation products to help you in your quest for the all natural glow”.

MINDFOOD / Best New Beauty Buys Editorial March 2018

Intimate authenticity.

“There’s an intimate authenticity to MAAEMO- something that brands born in this digital age need tons of in order to bloom”.

HARPER'S BAZAAR / April 2018

2018 Editor’s choice.

International Beauty Short List Awards Editor’s Choice winner.


Super nourishing.

“Channel your inner earth mother with MAAEMO’s nutrient- rich, super nourishing facial products.”

PEPPERMINT / October 2017


Absolutely beautiful products. The face oil has helped a lot to improve the textue of my skin and reduce the redness. It’s a pleasant scent and soaks in very quickly. Doesn’t make my skin oily either. Very impressed.


Hands down, this is the most amazing skin care range I have used yet- 100% certified organic goodness sinking right into my pores🌱
It feels like silk going onto your skin, not to mention, it smells incredible 🤤
thank you 💕 my new go to for skin care x


3 months in and loving Maaemo 🙌🏼💕. It’s certified organic, toxin free and full of nutrient rich, botanical ingredients. Plus, it was developed by a Naturopath and Herbalist. It smells heavenly and even has eco friendly and recyclable packaging 💕. Ticking all the boxes ✔ – highly recommended.


For the last few weeks I’ve been testing out @maaemo_organic on my skin and I’m utterly and completely in love! From the first use, the smell (my goodness, the smells!) made me feel like I was in a day spa full of botanical beauties. I love skin care and testing out gorgeous new elixirs but since going toxin free I find my options to play with are slightly more limited, but finding a gem of a company like this is totally worth the hunt! I’ve been using the Pure Collection Pack.


It’s amazing and has been so good with my eczema! I’ve struggled for years to find something that doesn’t react with my extremely sensitive skin! I absolutely love it and adore the packaging as well 💕🌿


I got a free sample of your vitalize face elixir along with a raw complexions order. I must say it’s a wonderful product! The light citrusy scent is amazing and my skin is softer, and glows. I’m saving up to buy the full size before my sample runs out! ⭐ 💛


I often have trouble using oil and moisturisers as my skin is super oily. However this is the first product that i have used that makes my skin feel super soft and hydrated. I have used this everyday since and i LOVE it. I have noticed a change in the appearance of my skin. Thank you Maaemo xx


I got this as a sample, and i was really surprised. I had always used plant facial oils, my favourites being jojoba and Rosehip oil. It’s rare, i come across a oil that i like as much as those. And this, did that. I got it as a sample, and everynight i’ve been leaning towards it. It absorbs extremely fast, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and supple. I glow when I wake up, I was really suprised and didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I do! Wonderfully beautifully formulated facial oil.


I received this as a sample and have already bought 2 bottles as I love it so much. I usually use rosehip oil but Maaemo’s face elixir is much more luxious and the smell is beautiful. I’ve been using it 3 times a day.. it’s going to be part of my beauty care from now on. My skin is glowing and visibly brighter. So glad I found Maaemo! Thank you!


Love this product so much! A lightweight oil that absorbs so well. It has improved my blemishes and general overall appearance in my skin. I put it on nightly after using the purifying cleanser and I wake up glowing. Absolutely beautiful product!


Stumbled across this natural skincare at the market, and met the beautiful face behind the brand.
I was given a sample of the face elixir and have used it everyday since. After trying multiple different skincare brands & routines, this beautifully natural face oil is perfect for me, and has given me radiant, blemish free skin!
Christmas could not come sooner with the Pure Collection pack at the top of my wish list.
Highly recommended.


Beautiful serum containing hemp seed oil which literally cleared up my skin inflammation overnight. Dries in quickly and is enough on its own or also good under moisturizer if your skin is really dry. You only need a few small drops so the bottle goes a long way.


Ive been applying the Vitalize Face Elixir before I go to bed most nights and find that it’s very fast absorbing and when I wake up my skin feels a lot more hydrated, my blemishes are less red and the inflammation has gone down too. I’ve had the product for 5 months now and have only just started to reach the bottom of the bottle, you only need to apply a small amount which is great! By far my favourite product in the Maaemo range! Would definitely recommend. Xx


I’ve been using the Vitalize Face Elixir on my pregnant tummy since I found out I was pregnant, week 22 now and still not one stretch mark, my skin tone is so even and my skin is soft and supple. It absorbs into the skin so quickly, smells delicious and you only need to use the tiniest amount so it lasts ages! This oil has been an absolute life saver for pregnancy growth!


Product felt and smelt amazing. So nice on my skin as i have sensitive skin it is really hard to find products that don’t give me a rash. So nice to find a natural product that works.


I absolutely LOVE this product – Vitalize Face Elixir. I found cream products just were not working for me (clogging my pores), this oil is AMAZING! No more pimples & my skin feels so smooth. Its light, feels good and smells great. Highly recommend! xx


By far my favourite skin product I have ever owned!
As with all the products the scent is lovely and subtle. However this product in particular has transformed my skin, I never realised how much my previous products were drying out my skin and this elixir has rejuvenated it!
My skin is now so much smoother which also means my make up goes on more even. It gets a huge thumbs up from me.


I love this product. I have dry skin that drinks in moisture too quickly, meaning I have to constantly re-apply. This oil leaves my skin dewy fresh and glowing for hours. I take it with me everywhere.

[UPDATE] I am still using this product since I first bought it. Lasts forever and is AMAZING! The best skin product I’ve ever used. Recommend this every day Still the best customer service I’ve had, which makes Maaemo even more amazing!


Coming from someone who has always suffered terribly dry skin, I am so thankful I have come across this product! My skin is so hydrated all day long, and even makes my makeup sit on my face a lot better. I’m hooked!!


Never ever did I think that a face oil or elixir was for me! I have confused combination skin that changes all the time, but I thought I might as well give it a go- and oh am I glad that I did!!
This elixir is a game changer! It’s so lightweight and absorbs perfectly into my skin. My skin is glowing and this product well exceeds my expectations! Love love love everything about this elixir- the smell, the texture and the packaging. Never did I think I would be this excited about skincare. I can’t recommend it highly enough


I was lucky enough to have been gifted a sample of this product by Hillary and hallelujah THANK YOU!

I love it! Not only does my skin feel incredibly hydrated and supple without feeling oily – unlike other facial oils, my face is visibly brighter, glowy and healthier. And who doesn’t want that? Safe to say this will now be an essential in my everyday skin routine.

I couldn’t recommend this product more and can’t wait to purchase it!


I am so in love with the pure collection pack! This is the second time I’ve ordered these products and I could not be happier! The gel cleanser removes makeup super well leaving me super clean and the Face Elixir and Moisturiser are the perfect combination to keep my skin super moisturised and smelling amazing! Thank you Maaemo!


I have used, and loved this skincare for about 6 months now and can truly say it is the most beautiful skincare I have ever used. Gentle, effective, beautifully natural and oh so delicious smelling. It honestly makes me feel sooo good every day and night when I use it.
My favorite product is the moisturizer. It is faultless.
Lightweight, nourishing and divine.


I bought the Face Elixar after loving a sample and still love how it makes my skin look and feel. I loved it so much I have just purchased this pack to try all the products because it’s so hard to find a full skincare line from one brand that I love so I’m so excited to have a routine that makes my skin glow and isn’t overpriced! The personal note in my package was also a lovely touch! Thank you Maaemo!


I have never invested much money on the products I use on my face but thought it was time to upgrade, spend a few more dollars and really know what I was putting on my skin. These products are worth every cent! I noticed my skin starting to clear within a couple of days and the Vitalize Elixir Oil has been an absolute saviour whilst on holiday in India. All three products smell beautiful, the packaging is sustainable and I have absolutely no regrets in finally investing some time and money into my skin. Thank you Maaemo!


I absolutely love this skincare. . I have very sensitive skin and this beautiful set has made my skin so soft and nourished. Most organic skincare just don’t cut it but I highly recommend this gorgeous set. I also love the glass packaging as it looks so stylish in my bathroom and its good for the planet – no plastic.


Oh my goodness!!! Before finding Maaemo I had been using the same organic face cleanser for 7 years. Anytime I tried something different my face would flare up (even to the point of a rash).

Unfortunately, I had started to get tiny raise bumps (most likely pimples) on my cheeks and seem to be constantly battling a number of larger pimples each week over the past year.

I’ve been using the Maaemo cleanser and Facebook for over a month now and my skin is GLOWING!!!

My skin is smooth, clean, pimple and bump free! The red dot I’d had for years has even started to fade. I’m loving my skin so much now that I’m hardly wearing make up, the only make up I am using is eye make up. I don’t need foundation.

I am so so happy with the Maaemo cleanser and oil!! I asctually look forward to washing my face now because of the beautiful smells!

Thank you so much Maaemo!!!


These products are so beautiful! Not only is the packaging clean and stunning, the smell of each product is so delicious you could eat them. I feel so clean after I use the cleanser in the shower. I wear a lot of makeup for work and it’s amazing finding a product that cleanses so deep and leaves you feeling so clean with one wash. I have been using the oil morning and night and my skin has a beautiful glow and has honestly never been so hydrated. I follow with the cream and I feel like I’ve had a facial. I’m so happy with these products. I could not recommend enough, I’m so in love.


Such a beautiful product! Great to see an Australian skincare range that’s truly organic, smells good, feels good and is in packaging that considers our environment. Just lovely!


Revived my package thank you Maaemo. The citrus and natural smell of your products are like no other. It’s about time some with the right skills came up with such an amazingly natural product.


After using this I’ve noticed how bad my makeup wipes are and how important it is to use something that both cleanses and nourishes at the same time. So good for removing makeup and can really notice a difference in my skin since using it. No more oiliness!


Firstly the smell is insane, it smells so fresh like a piece of fruit that has just been opened up. It lathers so well that I feel I do not need to use an excessive amount, it left my skin feeling hydrated without even having put a moisturiser on yet. Loved it.


My daughter put me onto this product and for a 50year old woman who has never thought twice about my skin, this has been such a great recommendation. Would definitely encourage using the three products together as they work hand in hand. Thank you for bringing some life back into my skin Maaemo xx


The citrus smell is amazing (and delicious) and the face cleanser leaves your skin silky smooth. Normally other products just dry out my skin. So happy I came across Maaemo!


I was absolutely amazed at the results I achieved with MAEMO in such a short amount of time. I generally have combination skin so it’s important not to have something to oily and heavy that still hydrates me. The MAEMO cleanser is the best I’ve ever used and I’d never use anything else ever again couldn’t be happier with my new skin regime.


This cleanser is the best one I am yet to come across. So refreshing and leaves me absolutely glowing.


Great product – love the scent – will buy again – highly recommend!


This cream quickly became part of my morning and night skincare routine! It’s super light, it smells beautiful, and it leaves my skin glowing! X


Absolutely amazing! I have been in hospital in and out for weeks! With the aircon in the hospital, it’s really drying out my face! Since I started using this hydrating faves cream, I’m not getting itchy dry flaky skin! It leave my skin feeling fresh and soft! Even a glow! I can honestly say it’s the best face cream I have tried!


Absolutely love this product. Smells fresh, it’s light but ultra hydrating and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.


I’m so thankful I stumbled across these products! I’ve struggled with extremely dry and sensitive skin (eczema) since I was born especially on my face. After years of being told to use prescription steroid creams to treat it I decided to try a more natural approach, however I’ve never found products no matter how ‘natural’ and ‘chemical free’ they claimed to be they continued to react with my skin. I’ve finally found a keeper – thank you MAAEMO! Ingredients you can recognise and actually pronounce and beautifully fresh and natural feeling skin every day. Thank you!


Maaemo is the most gorgeous skin care I have experienced ! I have spent loads of money on other products which would just dry out my skin or make it react worse than ever before! This organic range feels so nice on my face and not to mention smells amazing!! Even after a night out drinking I’m genuinely excited to take my makeup off so that says something!!! 
I have been getting compliments on my skin weekly which I have never heard before so I say Maaemo is worth every cent!!


These products are amazing! I love the cleanser, it isn’t too harsh on the skin and smells beautiful.


This skincare is just gorgeous. It has made my skin feel so soft and clear.