We lead with good intentions, this is at the core of every decision we make.

At MAAEMO our purpose is to support and empower women to embrace their raw & natural beauty. We focus on creating products that use organic and natural ingredients to support and nourish the skin the way Mother Earth intended.

The MAAEMO difference is that we create products that work. We use science backed ingredients that have been well researched for their benefits and combine them with nutrient rich plant extracts that feed that skin with vitamins and minerals.

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Act with conviction, belief, transparency and honesty. Respect yourself, others and the environment.

Sustainability has and always will be the forefront of the MAAEMO brand. Our journey to become as sustainable as we can is one that has no end. We know we are not perfect but we are continually seeking to improve our practices in order to do better and be better for our planet. When we address sustainability we look at the this in 5 pillars- Ingredients, manufacturing process, packaging, suppliers and our daily office practices.

Our products are produced by local manufacturers that are licensed to
produce products for; ACO (Australian Certified Organic), & COSMOS, are GMP & TGA certified. These certifications ensure that our manufacturing process is clean, sustainable, and ethical. This also ensures that our formulators are experts at working with organic and natural ingredients.

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Where we came from and where we’re going.

Founder Hillary holds a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science (Naturopathy) as well as an Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine, Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. Hillary started MAAEMO due to having an undeniable passion for health and wellness, along with a deep appreciation for Mother Nature. Whilst studying Naturopathy, Hillary began to see patients who were seeking treatment for skin conditions like eczema and acne. With a holistic view on health, Hillary knew that there are many factors that contribute to the skin's overall health, with poor synthetic skincare products being one of them.

Having spent 4 years studying a degree that gave her an in depth understanding of the pathophysiology of the skin, as well as extensive knowledge of herbal medicine, Hillary recognised the she had the perfect equation of knowledge that allowed her to truly understand what the skin needs and the exact botanical ingredients that would be required to help the skin achieve optimal health.

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Our commitment to using organic and natural ingredients has been our priority from day one. We use all natural and organic ingredients not only because we feel they are superior to synthetic ingredients, but also due to their positive impacts on the environment. Our ingredients come from nature because your skin deserves nothing but the best.. Our organic ingredients are grown and harvested without the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides which are not only harmful to human health, but also the health of our delicate environment.

Our products will always be free from parabens, mineral oils, petrolatums, PEGs, PPGs, MEA, DEA and TEA, phthalates, silicones, SLS/SLES, sulfates, fragrances, colorants, and animal based products.

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We create products that reconnect you to your Raw Beauty.

  • Best organic skincare- organic skincare Australia - Natural skincare Australia - Maaemo
  • Best organic skincare- organic skincare Australia - Natural skincare Australia - Maaemo