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Why is it important to use certified organic skincare?

At MAAEMO, all of our products are certified organic under the ACO certification body which ensures that each of our products have been created according to their strict regulations and high standards. Being certified organic means that the ingredients in our products have been grown and harvested without the use of harmful, toxic pesticides and herbicides that can be damaging to our bodies as well as the environment. This certification also ensures that the products are formulated with out the use of an extensive list of prohibited ingredients that could be potentially harmful to health.

Why should I change to certified organic skincare products?

When you make the change to organic skincare products, you’re doing something that benefits not only your own health, but the health of our environment. As consumers, most of us have an extensive list of cosmetics and personal hygiene products that we using every single day. Unfortunately many of these products that are so commonly used, are riddled with toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. The long term health effects of these ingredients are hard to define, but we do know that there have been studies linking many of these commonly used ingredients to endocrine dysruption and hormone dysfunction among many other health speculations. We are also seeing an increase in allergies and skin sensitivities which are likely to be connected to exposure of harsh ingredients and environmental pollution.

Many generic brands within the cosmetic industry are large contributors to environmental damage and have a negative impact on our planet. Many also still continue to test on animals. We encourage consumers to opt for certified organic brands not only to do something positive for their own health, but also for the health and wellbeing of the world around us.

For more information on what it means to buy an organic product, head to our blog page.

I need more about Maaemo’s certifications.

Each product in the MAAEMO range is certified organic under the ACO- (Australian certified organic) Australia’s leading organic certification body. The ACO bud logo is Australia’s organic industry’s leading logo and is well recognised globally. An organic certificating ensures that our products have been made under strict regulations in compliance with national production standards and also allows trace back of all products to their origin. This ensures that our products have been made without the use of synthetic or toxic materials.

I have sensitive skin, is MAAEMO right for me?

Being certified organic means that our products are free from synthetic ingredients that would commonly cause irritation in the skin. We have had a lot of positive feedback from people do suffer from sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis but we also recommend trying samples of our products first if you do have sensitive skin as all skin types can react differently.

I tend to have dry skin, which product would be best for me?

The Hydrating Face Cream is an ultra light, nutrient dense facial moisturiser that is rich in hydrating shea butter and nourishing, regenerative botanicals. This is a great product for people with dry skin as it works to restore the skins hydration and replenish it with an abundance of nutrients. The Hydrating Face cream is also high in antioxidants which work to protect and repair against damage that can occur with oxidation and exposure to environmental pollutants. The Vitalize Face Elixir is also great for dry skin and it is an oil base, which means it is able to penetrate the multiple layers of skin, hydrating it on a deeper level which also allows it to deeply infuse the skin with regenerative botanicals.

I have oily, break-out prone skin, which product would be best for me?

The Purifying Gel Cleanser is a gel based cleanser which makes it perfect for people who’s skin tends to be more on the oily side and for people who tend to experience congestion and breakouts. This cleanser works by lathering up to create a light, delicate foam which effectively purifies the pores giving them a deep clean. Our cleanser also contains many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory botanicals which also assist in purifying the pores. The Vitalize Face Elixir is a product that will work wonders for all skin types, especially oily skin! The Elixir is hemp oil based, which is a potent anti inflammatory, non comedogenic oil. The Elixir works to rebalance your skins natural oil production to assist in reducing excessive production of the skins natural oils which can tend to clog the pores.

Are your products Australian made?

Yes! All of our products are formulated and made right here in Australia.

Is MAAEMO a sustainable company?

Each of the products in the MAAEMO range have been packaged in glass bottles with sustainably sourced bamboo lids. Bamboo is a compostable material that is sustainably grown and eco-friendly. Each of our glass bottles are then packed into their own cardboard tubes which are recyclable.

Can I try samples before I purchase?

We don’t currently offer free samples but we have developed our Discovery Kit to help you start your skincare journey with us. Our Discovery Kit contains travel sizes of our 3 core products- The Hydrating Face Cream, Vitalize Face Elixir and Purifying Gel Cleanser. So it s perfect for sampling the range before committing to the full sized products!

How do the crystal infusion water bottles work?

Each bottle features a centered crystal of your choosing, which acts to filter your drinking water, allowing the energetic vibrations of your crystal to be absorbed by your drinking water and revitalize it. Each Crystal has its own unique energetic properties and abilities which may help you to achieve your desired intentions.

What is Crystal energy?

Our entire universe is composed of energy. We are energy. Our Earth is energy and our Oceans are also a form of energy. Crystals emit energetic vibrations which can be transformed or absorbed by a secondary source. Water being a natural energy conducted, is able to easily uptake the energetic vibrations of the Crystal, and when drunk, this energy can then be passed onto you. Ancient civilizations have harnessed the effects of crystals for thousands of years as a way of releasing mental, physical and spiritual blockages. Our Crystal Infusion Bottles are a simple way to achieve the same effects and assist with mental clarity, balance and intention.

How do I know which crystal to choose?

Each type of Crystal has its own unique energetic properties. Click on our products to read about their properties and effects. If you feel one resinates with you and your intension, this is the crystal for you!

How do I clean my crystal infusion water bottle?

The base, the lid and the crystal are all detachable from the glass piece. The best way to wash your bottle is by unscrewing the Crystal from the base part and hand washing the stainless steel cap and base and underneath your crystal with warm water. The glass piece is okay to go into the dishwasher.


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