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Clear Skin Collection- - MAAEMO Organic
Clear Skin Collection
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Breakout prone skin

The ultimate routine in skin clearance. A collection of everyday products that have been formulated to encourage clear skin and reduce the occurrence of breakouts and blemishes. Support your skin from the inside and out.


*Pregnant or breastfeeding? We don’t recommend introducing any new products including Inner Radiance without first checking with your GP or healthcare provider. Problematic skin- Perfect if you suffer from oily skin, scarring, pigmentation and breakouts


A collection of products designed to promote clearer skin

Fruit Enzyme Refiner
The Fruit Enzyme Refiner is a game-changing, skin-perfecting facial exfoliant that utilises both physical & chemical exfoliants to loosen dead skin cells helping achieve a visibly smoother, more refined complexion. This product is one we consider to be a 'facial in a bottle' due to the instant results experienced
Inner Radiance
Our Naturopath approved complex of ingredients work in synergy to support skin health by supporting key nutrients and establishing a healthy gut bacteria. Rather than a quick fix, this approach provides a long term solution to clearer, healthier skin. We created a powerful blend of botanicals, nutrients and probiotics which have been included for their ability to support and encourage skin health
Purifying Gel Cleanser
Purifying Gel Cleanser is an uplifting citrus cleanser develops into a delicate foam lifting dirt & impurities from the skin. Enriched with powerful botanicals, this cleanser has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties which will reduce acne and pigmentation while delivering essential antioxidants to protect & restore your natural complexion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacqueline Stretton
Age: 36
Skin Type: Sensitive
Clear skin collection

Since I have hit my late 30's I have been experiencing adult acne and skin breakouts which looked awful and was very painful. I tried a lot of products before trying this and even saw doctors and specialists and used the products they recommended, and nothing seemed to help. I was sceptical to try this product but finally took the plunge about 3 months ago. Since using this my skin feels hydrated and nourished and my acne has basically all cleared up. I was self-conscious before about going out due to my face being red, sore and irritated with large pimples everywhere, but now I feel more confident, and my skin feels healthy.

Yay yay YAY! I feel so happy reading this review, Jacqueline - thank you so much for sharing your experience. I know first hand just how frustrating and debilitating it can be when you feel you've tried anything and everything that is recommended to you and nothing is working. I'm so glad you took a chance with MAAEMO and it's paying off.
Theres no better feeling than being confident in your skin and I'm just so glad you're experiencing that. Thank you again XXX

A Smith
Age: 37
Skin Type: Combination
Amazing products for acne prone skin!

I’ve been using Maemo cleanser, fruit enzyme refiner and Inner radiance for just a couple of weeks now and I am genuinely seeing and feeling a difference in my skin. I have been suffering from hormonal acne since having my second child and my acne really flared up over the past few months. Nothing has helped, and nothing would smooth over the bumps. Within a week of using Maemo products, all of my bumbs have cleared and my complexion is much clearer! I will definitely be keeping up my new routine.

This makes me so so happy to hear! I'm so glad our Clear Skin Collection is doing it's job and you're experiencing the skin you deserve. Thank you so much for this lovely review and your support x x x

Emma Casey
Age: 32
Skin Type: Sensitive

Amazing! My skin has become clear after just a few days. I’ve been getting compliments on how nice and healthy my skin is looking.

Hi Emma, over the moon for you! What a lovely feeling. Thanks so much for sharing with us <3

Sarah Young
Age: 17
Skin Type: Combination
Can see my daughters skin clearing day by day

Purchased product due to reviews, nothing has really worked on my daughters skin which we’ve struggled with for four years she is now aged 17. It is clearing her skin and when she didn’t use it properly at Easter her skin deteriorated but is back on track again now it’s clearing up again. Love it.

Amie Greenaway
Age: 46
Skin Type: Combination

I have been using the clear skin range for 3 weeks now and I haven’t really noticed a difference. The fruit enzyme refine has caused breakouts. ( more than normal) I am however hopeful that with time my hormonal skin will become clearer whilst using this duo.

Oh no! How often are you using the fruit enzyme refiner, Amie?

The fruit enzyme refiner is formulated to be gentle enough to use on the skin 2-3 times a week, but as each skin is so different, the recommended usage can vary.
Lots of people assume that in order to reduce breakouts, we want to exfoliate more and increase that cell turnover rate but we don't want to over exfoliate as this can disrupt our skin barrier and also cause skin problems.

Are you also taking the inner radiance every day?
Some customers report slight purging when they begin taking Inner Radiance for the first time.

Feel free to email me at and I can help with some recommendations.

Thank you for both your reviews x x