Green Jade Gua Sha - MAAEMO Organic
Green Jade Gua Sha - MAAEMO Organic
Green Jade Gua Sha - MAAEMO Organic
Green Jade Gua Sha
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Sculpt. Depuff. Define.


A beauty tool designed to sculpt, firm and promote blood flow.

The Gua Sha is an ancient beauty massage technique used to relieve tension within facial muscles. The act of sliding the Gua Sha across the face, boosts blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage in order to sculpt and de-puff the face. 

Please note that due to the nature of this product, no two Gua Sha will appear exactly the same. Each may vary slightly in size, shape and colour. This uniqueness in the Gua Sha’s Raw Beauty is something we encourage you to appreciated. We recommend using the Gua Sha in combination with the Vitalize Face Elixir. 


Suited those who wish to sculpt their face and encourage lymphatic drainage.


Regular use of the Gua Sha can encourages lymphatic drainage and sculpts the face. The Gua Sha technique can improve puffiness of the face as well as relief from jaw clenching.


Step 1. To begin, apply a small amount of the Elixir to the face and neck. Place the Gua Sha at the base of the neck massaging the oil in an upward motion for at least 1 minute.

Step 2. Moving onto the face, place the Gua Sha on the side of your nose and work the tool along your cheekbones up into the hairline. Repeat this motion for at least 1 minute.

Step 3. You can then repeat step 2 changing the direction of the Gua Sha taking it down to your jawline and massaging along the jaw bone.

Step 4. Moving to the forehead, place the Gua Sha at the front of your brow bone, moving along the brow and up into the hairline. You can then begin to move the Gua Sha in an upward motion starting at the brow sliding across the forehead and into the hairline.

Repeat these steps on both sides of the face


Apply the 2-3 drops of The Vitalize Face Elixir onto freshly cleansed skin, then with gentle but firm pressure, slide the Gua Sha across the face, starting in the centre at the nose, and sliding in an outwards motion. Rotate the Gua Sha to apply different pressure points and curves to massage the face and neck.

Customer Reviews

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Age: 35
Skin Type: Sensitive
Finally a product that does everything founder explains

Thankyou for your products..You really know how the skin works. Your research and knowledge is so evident in your products.Customer for life Thanks Maaemo

Thank you so much for your lovely review Penny. Your trust and support means the world! x Hillary

Age: 29
Skin Type: Sensitive
Super soothing

Love it! Super cooling and soothing and love the curved edges for doing different gua sha techniques.

Age: 34
Skin Type: Combination

I love how MAAEMO have bought this ancient beauty technology back to life in modern times.

Both Gua Sheas work beautifully and have made a huge impact to my oil application routine, my skin is feeling firmer since!

I also love the well designed box's they come in so i can store them and they don't get damaged in my beauty draw.

Well done guys!

Yasmin Culbert
Age: 24
Skin Type: Combination
Relaxing routine

I really like this tool! I use it after I put on my face oil

Age: 26
Skin Type: Combination
It's nice but not revolutionary

I received the Jade Gua Sha in my order as a promotional bonus item. I tried it twice and I wasn't a fan of it overall, but it was nice and cooling on the skin for the first minute or so before it heated up from contact with the skin.

I ended up giving it to a relative who wanted to try a gua sha and she quite liked it. She said it felt nice on the skin and that the cooling sensation is also nice. The only negative she said was that it didn't feel as nice when going over the forehead since the skin isn't as 'fleshy'/plump as the rest of the face.

As a side note, I would be interested to know if the stone is ethically and responsibly sourced, since I can't find any information on this.