The Elimination Mask
The Elimination Mask
The Elimination Mask

The Elimination Mask

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The Elimination mask is an advanced dry treatment mask for congested, dull, blemished & problematic skin.

The Elimination mask features a unique blend of raw clays and botanical ingredients, creating a deeply cleansing mask that also delivers the skin with complex range of powerful phytonutrients and healing botanicals. The blend of French green & Kaolin clay work to detoxify the skin, visibly eliminating impurities and imperfections, whilst nutrient rich botanicals such as Kale and Gotu Kola provide a deep level of nourishment and support collagen production in order to achieve a vital, luminous complexion.

Size 45grams

Who is this product for?

Those who suffer from acne, congestion, breakouts, and oily skin. Also works great as a spot treatment for pimples/spots. 

This product is sustainably packaged in a glass bottle and recyclable cardboard eco tube.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
Age: 31
Skin Type: Dry
My all-time favourite mask!

This is my all-time favourite mask. I use it twice a week and it always leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Age: 47 years old
Skin Type: Oily more breakouts!

I HAD to try Maaemo, all organic, not overpriced and great reviews. The pictures prove it. I am extremely happy.

Age: 32
Skin Type: Combination
So nourishing

I ran out of my Maaemo moisturiser and had to use an alternative brand until my new one arrived. My skin became try and flakey but after only a couple of days using Maaemo again, it was right back to moisturised. I love that it's not too thick but still delivers results. I used the clay mask for the first time today and my skin feels so refreshed and cleansed.

Age: 23
Skin Type: Oily
So far so good

I’ve loved giving the products a little test before purchasing the full sizes. Within the first couple of days of using the products I received three compliments on how good my skin was looking, which is huge for someone with problematic skin.

Age: 27
Skin Type: Combination
So good

Love every single product! Especially the clay cleanser 👌