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The Elimination Mask
The Elimination Mask

The Elimination Mask

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The Elimination mask is an advanced dry treatment mask for congested, dull, blemished & problematic skin.

The Elimination mask features a unique blend of raw clays and botanical ingredients, creating a deeply cleansing mask that also delivers the skin with complex range of powerful phytonutrients and healing botanicals. The blend of French green & Kaolin clay work to detoxify the skin, visibly eliminating impurities and imperfections, whilst nutrient rich botanicals such as Kale and Gotu Kola provide a deep level of nourishment and support collagen production in order to achieve a vital, luminous complexion.

Size 45grams

Who is this product for?

Those who suffer from acne, congestion, breakouts, and oily skin. Also works great as a spot treatment for pimples/spots. 

This product is sustainably packaged in a glass bottle and recyclable cardboard eco tube.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Age: 26
Skin Type: Combination

The Elimination Mask brought a new shine to my skin and made it soft, shine and beautiful. I use it once a week and definitely can see the difference in flexibility of my skin. Definitely a skin care product to have!

Age: 26
Skin Type: Sensitive
Great mask for acne skin

This mask helps with my acne skin without drying it out. I find it heals recently popped pimples really well. I always use a hyaluronic acid and moisturiser after the mask to maximise hydration.

Xanthe Cerutti
Age: 22
Skin Type: Dry
Elimination mask

Really nice and soothing on the face - would have been nice to come with an application device/brush

Rebecca Wilson
Age: 34
Skin Type: Sensitive
Beautiful glowing skin

My skin has been ruined with mask wearing in Vic! I have acne i never had before, flakey dry skin and red angry skin, the elimination mask has been one of the key items along with my other Maaemo products in helping be to slowly claw back my lovely skin that I am used to!

Hannah Tusen
Age: 28
Skin Type: Oily
Natural, Australian & actually works!

I recently came off the pill and really struggled with pimples. Maaemo products got my skin back on track. It was super oily and pimply! Now its back to normal, clear of pimples, not oily and really moisturized.