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The Pure Collection
The Pure Collection
The Pure Collection
The Pure Collection
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All skin types

The ultimate in skin rejuvenation, the Pure Collection Pack is your go-to for a complete botanical skincare routine. Featuring MAAEMO's original 3 core skincare products, this collection provides the essentials in a minimalist skincare routine. If skincare overwhelms you, and you are just looking to keep things as simple as possible, our original Pure Collection is for you. 

Our products will purify +  protect + nourish your skin with certified organic ingredients.


All skin types - Perfect if you suffer from oily skin, scarring, pigmentation.


Deeply hydrating while delivering essential nutrients to promote optimal skin health.

Vitalize Face Elixir 30ml
Vitalize Elixir is a silky, well balanced facial oil that has been created by combining some of nature's most nourishing oils. Formulated with the most sensitive skin types in mind, this delicate but potent elixir will balance the skin's natural oil production, support cell structure, improve skin tone and hydration- Resulting in a supple, radiant glow.
Hydrating Face Cream 100ml
Hydrating Face Cream is a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturiser sinks deeply into the skin to hydrate, restore and repair. Enriched with active botanicals this facial cream will help soothe inflammation, reduce the appearance of scars and encourage collagen production in order to achieve a healthy more radiant complexion.
Purifying Gel Cleanser 200ml
Purifying Gel Cleanser is an uplifting citrus cleanser develops into a delicate foam lifting dirt & impurities from the skin. Enriched with powerful botanicals, this cleanser has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties which will reduce acne and pigmentation while delivering essential antioxidants to protect & restore your natural complexion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 222 reviews
Justine Carson
Age: 29
Skin Type: Combination

Amazing, dewy skin

Age: 29
Skin Type: Combination
Beautiful products

Will never use any other skin products. Have been using for 3 years and haven’t looked back. Now a new mum, it’s even better as it’s organic so didn’t have to change my skin care routine. All products smell amazing and natural. My favourite is the elixir makes a massive difference to the appearance of my skin. ADORE Maaemo xx

Annie Morris
Age: 70yrs
Skin Type: Mature
The powder drink

Bought the Maaemo powder for my daughter to try .She is happy to observe that the drink not only help to improve her skin clarity..she looking forward for better result. I m looking forward to buy the cleanser for myself but it is out of stock

Clare houghton
Age: 60
Skin Type: Dry
Professional Team of Experts

What I love about Maaemo is that finally there is a product that is made by a qualified naturopath scientist who has ensured all the right tests have been done before distribution.Hooray !! No wonder your reviews and results are amazing

This is such a lovely review Claire! Thank you for trusting us with your skin! You support means the world x Hillary

Ashley Cutforth
Age: 29
Skin Type: Combination
Skin looks healthier

I’ve been using the pure collection for a month now and have seen a noticeable difference in my skin! So much more hydrated:) the sunscreen alone is great as a make up base if you only use minimal powder like myself for a little bit of colour