01 - 12 - 21
Annie's Skin Journey
Before and after skin care. Organic skin care. Perioral Dermatitis

Name: Annie 

 Skin Type: Very sensitive - prone to perioral dermatitis 

Why did you begin your skin journey with MAAEMO?

I started using MAAEMO as it was recommended to me by my naturopath/nutritionist after years of  painful dermatitis flare ups around my chin and nose. I had tried many products and always had itchy, blistered skin after only a few days. The MAAEMO products soothed my dermatitis and after only 2 weeks my skin is almost completely healed. 


What products did you begin using? 

I ordered the a kit that includes the Purifying Gel Cleanser,  Hydrating Face Cream and the Vitalize Face Elixir and they make my skin look and feel amazing. 


How long did it take for you to see a difference? 

After around day 8 I noticed a visible difference to the overall health of my skin, however my dermatitis was soothed after only a few uses. 


Did you make any other changes? 

I added more fats to my diet also and discontinued all other skin care. 


How has MAAEMO changed your skin? 

My skin looks and feels smooth, and hydrated. I’ve even noticed scaring from my dermatitis is less obvious. 


Which products are you hoping to try in our range next? 

I am excited to try the Elimination Mask once my skin barrier is completely healed! 

Annies Journey swapping to natural skincare