22 - 06 - 23
Why I created Inner Radiance

When I started MAAEMO in 2017, one thing that I knew for sure was that I did not want MAAEMO to be a skincare brand. My dream was for MAAEMO to be a wellness brand that supported our customers on their journey with their skin, in a multifaceted, holistic way. 

One of the first concepts you learn as a student naturopath, is that you have to look at the body as a whole. When we look at skin issues, using the correct skincare topically on the skin is just one piece of the puzzle. We know that skin issues are closely linked to internal factors including gut health and nutritional cofactors. 

It was essential to me that we were able to support the skin, from the inside as well as the outside. 

Once I launched MAAEMO, I would receive emails almost daily from customers asking a similar question- One I still get to this day

“I have persistent acne that won’t go away, even though I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on skincare products, nothing has worked"

My answer today remains the same… You can be using the absolutely BEST skincare products, but if you are not addressing the problem at the cause, you won’t be able to see the results you’re after. It is essential to support your skin via the gut, as well as on the surface. 

I started working on Inner Radiance in 2019. 4 Years later it was launched! This was a product that I truly poured my heart and soul into. Every single ingredient underwent hours of research, each with a specific purpose and reason for being included. Inner Radiance is the product that I wish existed when 19 year old me was struggling with breakouts. 

Each day my inbox is now filled with success stories from customers in our community who express how much Inner Radiance has helped them with their skin and gut health. This feedback overwhelms me with happiness for each and every person who shares their story. This is the reason why I started MAAEMO. 

I dedicate Inner Radiance to my late grandad, Eddie Wilcox. The person who first introduced me to Naturopathy and the importance of viewing health holistically.