06 - 09 - 22
Customer Journey - How Stacey cleared her Periorbital rashes with 'The Rejuvenation Cleanser'.
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After Stacey reached out and let us know of the amazing results she had seen after using our natural skincare product, particularly the Rejuvenation Cleanser, we thought we would explore her skin journey further and share her amazing MAAEMO journey with our community. 

How did your journey with MAAEMO start? 

My journey with MAAEMO natural skincare started in 2021 when I was in search of a new natural cleanser with anti-inflammatory properties. I have an auto immune condition, which at the time was causing a very painful red periorbital rash around both eyes, like eczema. Although I was on medications that were meant to help, the rash wasn’t budging, even though I was using an organic cleanser at the time and using topical steroids. I came across MAAEMO on Instagram and started reading up on the ingredients and the philosophy behind the brand. It was very important for me to use a natural product that contained no harsh chemicals. I found the Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser which had amazing reviews from customers with sensitive skin. I purchased it the next day and soon it became my favourite skincare product of all time. 

What were your major skin concerns? 

The major skin concern at the time were the painful periorbital rashes that were getting progressively worse. The rashes kept spreading further down my face and would cause swelling, blistering, and dry skin. Not only were they super painful, but it was something that caused me to be self-conscious in public. Strangers would come up to me in the supermarket and ask me what was wrong with my face, ask whether I needed help (suspected abuse), or whether I had been crying all day. It made me feel very upset when this would happen in front of my daughters. I love being outside, but heat and sun exposure would make the rash feel like my face was on fire; it really started to limit everything. 

I was unable to use many skin products at the time, so taking care of my skin was a challenge. I was left with lots of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation spots and dry skin / wrinkles around the eyes. 

Which MAAEMO product did you first begin using? How long did it take for you to notice an improvement in your skin? 

My first ever MAAEMO product was the Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser. To be honest, I was sceptical, I wasn’t sure how my skin would respond. After my first try, I was blown away by the gentleness of the cleanser. It was so luxurious on my inflamed skin; it cleansed and soothed my skin yet kept it beautifully soft and subtle. The anti-inflammatory properties in this cleanser enabled my skin to start healing and within 4 weeks I noticed a massive improvement in my skin. Since I started this cleanser, I have been free from peri-orbital rashes. Even when my disease starts to flare up, the skin rash has never returned. I am beyond grateful for this product. It has changed more than my skin; it has enabled me to feel normal again. 

The second MAAEMO product that I started to use after my rash was cleared, was the Hydra-lift Eye-gel. I had never considered an eye cream due to my previous irritation and rash. The eye gel was gentle, yet effective. Within 4 weeks I also started to notice a difference in the skin around my eyes. The appearance of wrinkles lessened as it plumped up the skin nicely, the bags around my eyes were not as noticeable, and I felt hydration around my eyes that I had never felt before. I use it daily and don’t plan on stopping. 

Did you make any other significant changes? 

I didn’t make any other changes besides introducing MAAEMO. As mentioned, I was already on medication to help control my systemic condition. This mediation at the time couldn’t control the rashes, even topical steroid creams weren’t effective. The anti-inflammatory properties in the cleanser were enough to stop the cycle of the rash. What makes me happy is that this product is natural and harmless and continues to improve my skin. 

What advice would you give to someone struggling with their skin health ? 

Don’t give up! There is a product that can help you and your skin concerns. My advice would be to find a brand that possess the values that are important to you and give it a go. MAAEMO encompasses 3 main things that I look for in a skincare brand: 

  1. Use organic and natural ingredients from mother earth, embracing a holistic approach to skincare. 
  2. Embrace one’s natural beauty. 
  3. Are transparent – real reviews from real customers, plus listing every ingredient for customers to see. 

If you had to pick one, which would be your favourite MAAEMO product & why? 

Hands down, the Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser! It has transformed my skin and I wouldn’t go a day without it. It helped heal me from painful rashes. It has made a difference in not only the health of my skin but gave me back my self-confidence.

Every product I have used from MAAEMO including the Hydra-lift gel, Fruit Enzyme Refiner and Sunscreen have all been amazing. I can’t fault them. I look forward to trying more products; the next on the list is the new Glow Serum.