14 - 07 - 21
A Beginners Guide To Skin Care
A Beginners Guide To Skin Care

If you are new to skin care you may be overwhelmed with questions. What cleansers do I need ? Do I need serums ? Should I wear SPF ? Retinol ? Vitamin C? 

It can be confusing, we know! To eliminate the confusion we have created an easy step-by-step guide to ease you into things! We have kept it simple for you, with room to grow as you become more familiar with skin care. 

Follow these simple steps AM and PM for your best Maaemo GLOW! You’ll thank us later. 


AM Skin Care 

CLEANSE - Our Purifying Gel Cleanser is perfect for your AM cleanse. With a delightful citrus scent this cleanser will refresh the skin, developing into a delicate foam to wash away dirt & impurities. 

REVITALIZE - Hydrate your skin with our Revitalize Face Mist! Enriched with vitamin C this mist will nourish your skin while boosting natural moisture levels. 

HYDRATE - Lock in moisture with our lightweight Hydrating Face Cream. This fast-absorbing moisturiser is perfect under makeup or mixed in with your SPF. 

PROTECT - We mentioned SPF and if you're not already using one this should be the most important step in your new found skin care routine. See our guide to how to choose the perfect SPF for your skin. 

PM Skin Care 

CLEANSE - For your PM cleanse our Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser & Microfibre cloth are the perfect duo! This silky clay cleanser melts into the skin lifting makeup, dirt & impurities from the day. The Microfibre Face Cloths will enhance your cleansing routine, removing any left over stubborn makeup / dirt. 

EXFOLIATE - This is our favourite step! Our Fruit Enzyme Refiner utilises both physical & chemical exfoliants to gently buff dead skin cells. By removing dead skin cells you are allowing for new cell renewal, what is that you may ask? Well, our cell renewal or turnover rate is what ensures our skin health. When our cell renewal rate is too slow or we aren't exfoliating regularly enough your skin will be left look dry, dull and even more aged!  

REVITALIZE - We love this step AM or PM, this mist will keep your skin hydrated all year round. Spritz your face 1-2 times for an instant hit of hydration!

NOURISH - Get your best Maaemo glow with our Vitalize Face Elixir. This highly balancing oil is packed full of powerful botanical ingredients which will help support healthy skin, structure & repair. This oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores (perfect if you suffer from congestion)! 

HYDRATE - This step is a MUST no matter what time of the day! Keep your skin hydrated with our Hydrating Face Cream. Marshmallow Root extracts will help to soothe the skin, reducing any inflammation or redness. Vitamin E will help support structure and repair any damage. 

Once you feel confident with this routine, you could try incorporating a weekly face mask or eye cream to further enhance your skin health!