25 - 05 - 21
A Guide To Self Love With Nikka & Brittany Holt
A Guide To Self Love With Nikka & Brittany Holt

Sister duo Nikka & Brittany Holt started their self-love business ‘Every body’s bootiful’ back in 2018 with the key goals of providing young women with a platform where they feel inspired to live their best life and focus on self-love.
We sat down with the sisters to get some insight into their approach to self love and how they remain motivated to move their bodies everyday, focusing on self-love, wellness & health.

What got you started in the industry?
“Growing up as a dancer & one of those kids that did every after school sport imaginable, I was always someone who valued my health & fitness greatly. From a young age, I always wanted to be the best, most authentic version of myself & believed with all my heart that absolutely everything & anything was possible. And to this day, I still share these same values & am forever chasing a life that is aligned with my heart's desires. ‘Every Body’s Bootiful’ is simply a reflection of my passion to inspire & uplift others to love themselves & follow what sets their soul on fire. I want to support women to never settle for anything less than they deserve and to constantly remind them of the beauty & power that lies within each
& every one of them”

What is your approach to self-love ?
“ Our approach to self-love is simple. To us self-love isn’t necessarily following a certain routine or specific guidelines, but more so about listening to our intuition.
It’s about tuning into our bodies needs & honouring these throughout the day.
Like the moon, we each go through different phases in our lives. Moving, nourishing, loving on ourselves & our bodies is going to look completely different on everyone depending on how we are feeling, understanding & knowing that it is okay to do what is going to serve YOU best in each moment is one of the ultimate acts of self-love.”

Why is self love so important to you ?
“Self-love is one of our biggest values and motivators, not just with Every Body’s Bootiful, but in our lives as well. We believe self-love is the key to happiness and the key to living a life filled with passion and purpose.”

How do you embrace your own body ?
“After both having our own battles with body-image in the past, we can definitely say we know what it feels like to not feel confident and loving toward your body.”

“However, once we learned to shift our focus onto all the AMAZING things our bodies could do, rather than focusing on what they looked like - we quickly learnt that we could learn to love our bodies for all that they are - this incredible force that literally allows us to experience all the magic in our lives.”

How do you stay so motivated ?
“Rather than setting unrealistic goals, or following strict routines that create pressure..we instead tune into our bodies & their needs. We fill our days with food, movement, and things that feel right for us and honour our values.”

Why is fitness important to you ?
“To us, fitness is a way to celebrate our bodies & move them because we can.
One of our biggest motivators, when creating our business was to help others learn to love & accept their bodies by learning to move in a fun, supportive and empowering way. Often we can get so caught up in how we look, that we forget to stop and realise just how lucky we are to have fully-functioning bodies that allow us to do all kinds of things.”

How do you keep balance ?
“We maintain a balanced lifestyle, by constantly checking in with ourselves.
Over the years we have grown to become very in tune with our bodies & conscious of our thoughts & feelings. Whether this be through journaling how we’re feeling, or taking some time out to just stop & assess what’s going on in our minds & our bodies; hitting the pause button and taking the pressure off is a big must for us when it comes to looking after our overall wellbeing & mental health.”

What are your top 3 tips for mindfulness ?
1. Check in with yourself - Whether this is through meditation, getting out in nature or taking time out to journal your feelings & express gratitude for all the magic in your life.
2. Movement - but here’s the trick, do it intuitively - ask yourself: “What movement is my body craving? What exercise is going to serve me best today?
3. Stay present - There is no better time like the present, sometimes we can get so overwhelmed with what’s happened in the past or what could happen in the future that our brains go into overdrive. If we keep focusing on the past or the future we are constantly living in regret or fear and we forget to just live in the moment of now.


Find out more about 'Every body’s bootiful' at https://www.everybodysbootiful.com/