15 - 09 - 21
A Maaemo Guide To Breakouts
A Maaemo Guide To Breakouts

Breakouts we have all had them! They are never cute and can often affect our confidence and plans. While they can come in many different sizes, types and causes we can all safely say they are not something we welcome. 

While it may be hard, pimples often require a bit of patience and time to heal themselves. It can be tempting to pick, squeeze and poke but our no.1 advice is to LEAVE those pesky pimples alone. After all you don’t want to be left with acne scarring, which is a whole other issue in itself. 

When dealing with breakouts it is important to know which type of pimple you are dealing with. While many are the occasional (time of the month) breakout some may be more serious and require attention from a doctor. 

Blackheads / congestion - 

When looking at blackheads it is important to note this type of breakout is non-inflammatory. Blackheads are basically a build up of congestion in the pores. 

To help eliminate black heads and reduce build up in your pores we always recommend a good cleanser & exfoliator. 

The Purifying Gel cleanser is our go-to for oily / congested skin. Enriched with Chamomile extract this cleanser has antibacterial properties which will help to eliminate bacteria on the skin, ensuring your skin is clean and free from dirt / makeup / oils. 

The Fruit Enzyme Refiner should be a staple if you suffer from congested skin. This refiner utilises both chemical and physical exfoliants to gently loosen dead skin cells, encouraging cell renewal and allowing for collagen production (hello new clear skin!). Enriched with AHA fruit enzymes, this refiner is suitable for those with sensitive skin as it will loosen dead skin without the physical motion of scrubbing. For those who love to scrub the skin, we have included Diatomaceous Earth as a physical exfoliant. Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized algae, rich in the skin loving mineral Silica. Silica will help to strengthen & maintain collagen production. 

Contrary to popular belief, face oils aren't something to steer clear of if you suffer from acne or congestion. The Vitalize Face Elixir was formulated to balance the skin's natural production of oils. Enriched with Hemp Seed & Rosehip Oil, this elixir is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which will help to support healthy skin cells. The Vitalize Face Elixir is non-comedogenic meaning it won’t clog your pores - Perfect if you suffer from black heads or congestion! 

Now for those nasty white heads…. 

White heads / pimples - 

Pesky white heads / pimples may pop up for a number of reasons, sweating, hormones or a build up of product on the skin. While it may be tempting to pick and squeeze, do your best to keep the area clean. 

We have all tried the old toothpaste spot treatments or harsh products, but our go-to pimple treatment is the Elimination Clay Mask. Used as a spot treatment this product will help to absorb excess oils in the skin soaking up acne causing impurities. 

While these types of breakouts are often out of our control, reducing sugar or washing your face more regularly if you are exercising or sweating may help reduce the likelihood of a future breakout.