15 - 09 - 21
Survive lockdown with this simple guide.
Survive lockdown with this simple guide.

To help our Maaemo community get through yet another lockdown we have put together our simple tips for staying motivated and maintaining some sort of routine. 

Lockdowns can be difficult. Too much time to think and not much to do.  Ensuring we take small steps  each day to maintain our mind & body will help relieve some of that tension and give us more routine throughout the day. 


See our simple 4 step guide to get you through . 


1. Take care of yourself. 

Fundamentally, if you are taking care of yourself your mind & thoughts will follow. Take time in the day to go for a walk, make a nutritious meal, rest, drink water and talk to friends & family. Try to think of a checklist each day  -

- Morning walk

- Eat whole foods

- Talk to family

- Drink 3 liters of water

- Get 7-8 hours of sleep

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed or stressed it may be a good idea to try to cut back on the alcohol / caffeine also. 


2. Meditate 

While this isn’t for everyone, even just taking 10 minutes in the day to focus on breathing can help you to relax and calm the central nervous system. 

Focus on your thoughts & feelings and make sure to be kind to yourself. 


3. Indulge in things you don’t normally have time to do. 

Being in lockdown means lots of spare time. Take time in the day to practice some self love! This may include doing an at home facial, having a bath or binging your favourite TV show. 

Our favourite lockdown facial routine includes -

1. Cleanse the skin with the Purifying Gel Cleanser.

2. Exfoliate! Buff dead skin cells and boost cell renewal.

3. Hydrate & brighten the skin with the Revitalize Face Mist

4. Eliminate impurities with the Elimination Mask (leave for 15 minutes or until dry)

5. Nourish the skin with the Vitalize Face Elixir

6. Restore your complexion with the Hydrating Face Cream. 


4. Learn a new skill 

In a forever changing environment this is a great time to upskill! There are plenty of short online courses you can do which will equip you for the post pandemic world as well as keep you occupied.  

If this isn’t for you, you might try something more creative, learning to cook, bake or even paint!