28 - 01 - 22
AMAZING skin transformations with the Hydra Lift Eye Gel.
AMAZING skin transformations with the Hydra Lift Eye Gel.

If you are on the quest to prevent premature signs of ageing, the Hydra Lift Eye Gel should be a staple in your skin care regime. 

The Hydra Lift Eye Gel is our most concentrated anti-ageing product. Formulated with a unique blend of active ingredients, this Eye Gel offers a holistic approach to targeting fine lines & wrinkles. The Hydra Lift Eye Gel will deliver an instant hit of hydration, improving moisture retention, skin elasticity, dark circles and puffiness. 

Here at MAAEMO HQ the Eye Gel is one of our go-to daily products. We set out to put the Eye Gel to the test and let our Inner Circle group trial this product with some amazing results. 

The Inner Circle trialed this product for 4 weeks and here is what they had to say - 

I really love the Hydra Lift Eye Gel and noticed a difference particularly in the hydration of the skin around/under my eyes. It also felt really soft  & nourishing on the skin and made my eyes feel less heavy. I loved the packaging and design of the bottle. It is really easy to use and it doesn't give you too much product therefore reduced wastage.I would definitely recommend this product!! Particularly to those concerned with heaviness/dry/dull skin around the eyes” - Charlotte Stephenson. 

“ I love the Hydra Lift Eye Gel - it feels beautiful on the skin, and makes me feel and look refreshed. I look forward to putting it on each morning and night. I naturally have quite dark bags under my eyes and it's the first eye cream that's made a noticeable difference for me, I feel more confident without makeup on. The packaging is easy to use - this is probably my favourite packaging for a Maaemo product, I love that it gives you the perfect amount each time. As always it looks beautiful, and I like the recycle-able packaging it comes in. I'd recommend this product to anyone looking for an eye cream. I have very sensitive skin and struggled for years to find something that worked for me, that didn't cause rashes or dryness, but every Maaemo product has been great on my skin, so I'd also highly recommend it for those with sensitive skin.” - Jessica Wilson. 

This gel feels like I am using an eye mask every single day! Within weeks I have noticed a reduction in puffiness and the dark circles under my eyes. The skin around my eyes also feels so soft. Such a beautiful product made from beautiful ingredients that is now part of my daily skin routine!” - Nikkita Piggot. 

I love this product! After trialing the Hydra Life Eye Gel for 4 weeks, I can’t fault it! All other eye creams I have used have been too harsh, but the Hydra Lift Eye gel is so gentle and nourishing that I didn't react at all. It has helped hydrate and plump the skin around my eyes, lessen the appearance of my fine lines and wrinkles, and makes me look alive by reducing how dark the circles are around my eyes. Makeup application is also much easier as the skin is more plump. I wish I had found this product when I was in my 20's!” - Renae Louise.