21 - 09 - 21
Beauty expert Ruchi Page talks all things skin & beauty.
Beauty expert Ruchi Page talks all things skin & beauty.

We sat down with content creator and beauty expert Ruchi Page to discuss all things skin, beauty & self love.

Tell us a little about what you do ?  

I am a writer, beauty content creator and advocate for inclusion and confidence. I hone in on significant topics that challenge perspectives  whilst intertwining makeup artistry and my love for skincare. In terms of  content creation, I try to create an experience when it comes to video pieces in particular. I abide by my passion for texture shots in an effort to connect with strong visuals, whilst illuminating products I love to share on  my page.  

How did you get started in the industry ?  

I started by being consistent. I knew that if I wanted to be understood and  seen in this industry as a curvy woman of colour, it would take more than  just a picture. I began incorporating video content that slowly developed,  then increased the quality of my imagery and this is when I noticed more traction in the beauty industry. I was able to grasp onto some significant opportunities which have lead me to my current position.  

Beginning this journey is like entering a gigantic maze. Anyone can walk through the entry, but finding your feet to eventually discover the centre is  the challenge. I began with following my passion; when products excited  me I had no choice but to talk about them. Through networking, research,  committing to your craft with purpose and defeating your own internal  words of defeat is how I was able to persist in this industry.  


What are your favourite skin care trends ?  

Ooh, this is tough. But glass skin using skincare is my ultimate favourite. I  love to hydrate my skin and replenish it to make it look healthy and glowy,  so the glass skin method is a personal favourite. I also adore a multi mask  session to target various skincare concerns and soaking up a Vitamin C or  Hyaluronic Acid serum. 

What is your approach to beauty ?  

My approach to beauty is derived from various outlooks. Beauty is  multifaceted. I am an equal fan of enhancing skin as well as full coverage  glamour. I love a trend but I love making a look appeal to my needs and  perspective. Over the years, I have continued to evolve, and through  major learning and life experience I approach beauty with intention. I  intentionally explore beyond physicality and that’s why I love to address confidence and inclusion; because beauty is truly dimensional.  

Growing up I did not have the same access to beauty identification when it came to role models. I needed to dissect what it meant to be beautiful and understand the power that comes with it. And as someone who doesn’t  necessarily meet the traditional standard of beauty painted by the media, film and television, I wanted to focus on creating a beauty based narrative  for myself that would detail not just the exterior, but everything in  between.  

What are your favourite Maaemo products ?  

100% the Vitalize Face Elixir. It makes my skin GLOW without feeling like  a heavy weight of oil smothered all over. The ingredients are phenomenal  and my skin drinks it up!  

How do you take care of your skin ?  

I commit to a daily skincare regime that is customised to my skins needs. I  focus on three elements of my skincare regime: refreshing, replenishing  and protection. I cleanse the skin twice a day, hydrate and target with a  specific serum, lock in moisture and protect with Sunscreen. My skin tone  is prone to dark spots after breakouts also known as post Inflammatory  Hyperpigmentation, so maximum protection paired with nutrient dense  ingredients is crucial.  

Skin care products you can’t live without ? 

Facial Oils! They heal, elicit luminosity and tie an entire skincare regime together. I am quite particular when it comes to oils, the formula needs to be lightweight in order for me to continuously reach for it. Hence my love  for Maaemo Vitalize Face Elixir.  

Serums are also a prominent part of my skincare regime. Serums have  the ability to target skin concerns effectively, I like to think of them as the hero step of a routine. A serum suited to your skin type can provide  impeccable results such as evening skin tone, hydration, repairing and  plumping of the skin. They are the main outcomes I opt for when serum  hunting!