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Charlottes Journey To Clear Skin
Charlottes Journey To Clear Skin

At Maaemo we love to hear how our products have transformed your skin. 

When we hear our products have changed your skin, helped with acne or made you more confident it is truly what makes us happy. We sat down with Maaemo customer Charlotte Stephenson to discuss her skin health journey and how she overcame hormonal acne after coming off the contraceptive pill. 

Name - Charlotte Stephenson

Age  - 26


How did your skin health journey begin ? 

I was on the contraceptive pill for roughly 10 years. Prior to this I never had any skin issues and during the time I was on the pill I was that annoying person that didn’t have a skin care routine or own any skincare products yet never had any skin issues or pimples.


Around six months after coming off the pill I started experiencing hormonal acne. My skin was dry, irritated and I constantly had pimples around my chin, forehead and brow area, which worsened during certain times of my cycle.


I tried multiple skincare brands, supplements and vitamins, I changed my diet, I saw health professionals, and I had a range of skin treatments but nothing seemed to help my skin until I started using Maaemo. 


What made you try MAAEMO ? 

After using so many different products on my skin from other brands I was worried that maybe I was “over-complicating” my skincare and making my skin more irritated and inflamed by doing too much. I had spent so much money on buying full ranges of products that I wanted to go back to basics before buying everything all at once.


What was your MAAEMO skin routine ?

I started by just purchasing the Purifying Gel cleanser and that is literally all I was using on my skin. After a couple of week’s I realised how gentle and nourishing Maaemo products were on the skin. I felt comfortable introducing more products to my skincare regime. I was so happy with the Gel cleanser that it made me completely trust that adding in other Maaemo products was going to continue to improve my skin journey. 

I started with the following:

Vitalize Face Elixir- I highly recommend this product, it is so nourishing and gentle on the skin.

Fruit Enzyme Refiner- I used this 2-3 times a week. 

Revitalize Face Mist- The hydration of my skin improved significantly. 

Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser- I also tried this cleanser which was amazing, but mainly I stick to using the Purifying Gel cleanser as I think it better suits my skin type.


How long did it take for you to notice a difference to your skin ?

It honestly only took 1-2 weeks to start noticing a difference, not only in how my skin appeared but in how it felt.


Did you make any other health changes ? incorporate supplements etc ? 

I made some effort to increase my water intake, reduce highly inflammatory foods and refined sugar, and increase foods that were high in antioxidants. This wasn’t something I was strict on, but just something I had in the back of my mind when making food choices. I was also using a collagen supplement but not strictly. Originally I was using it daily but then slowly reduced to a few times a week.


What was most important in healing your skin ? 

From what I learnt during the process of trying to heal my hormonal acne is that there is a lot of supplements, vitamins and dietary changes that have huge benefits for your skin, however I honestly think it was the Maaemo products that had the biggest impact on my own experience. Knowing you are using a products that you trust is so important!