05 - 07 - 22
Customer Journey - How Julia transformed her acne prone skin.
Customer Journey - How Julia transformed her acne prone skin.

At MAAEMO we love to connect with our customers and hear how our natural skincare products have transformed their skin. 

We recently sat down with MAAEMO customer Julia to discuss how she transformed her skin using the Inner Radiance Powder & Pure Collection Bundle. 

After suffering from problematic skin for 6 yeas Julia knew it was time for a change in her skincare routine. Intrigued by a review on the MAAEMO Inner Radiance Powder, Julia thought she would try it for herself and purchased the Inner Radiance + Pure Collection Bundle.

"I saw an ad on Instagram, I clicked on their page and was intrigued by the inner radiance powder. The before and after highlight reel caught my attention. Reading other real women saying that this product helped them with their cystic/ hormonal acne, I didn't believe it, so I went to the website and looked at the reviews, and saw all the positive feedback. That same night I purchased the inner radiance powder " - Julia Egan. 

Julia noticed a dramatic change in her skin straight away. Her complexion was clearer than ever and her cystic acne breakouts began to disappear.

"After just one day. I woke up and my skin was noticeably less oily and not inflamed. I could not believe it! As I've continued using it, my skin has become brighter and smoother. I am not prone to getting deep cystic pimples anymore. My skin hasn't looked this good in years. Even my parents noticed my skin looked different the next morning. This has helped to significantly reduce my breakouts, made my skin glow and reduced my pigmentation. I use the Pure Collection Bundle everyone morning and night. I really love each of the individual products! But If I had to I would say the Vitalize Facial Elixir, I have always stayed away from oils as my skin is naturally oily, but this product absorbs straight away and makes my skin so soft and hydrated. If you’re struggling with acne definitely give this a try! I highly highly recommend it!" - Julia Egan.