11 - 07 - 22
SPF in Winter - Everything you need to know.
SPF in Winter - Everything you need to know.

If you are questioning whether or not you need to be wearing SPF in Winter, the answer is YES! 

If your skin goals are to have healthy, youthful skin SPF should be a non-negotiable in your skincare routine. 

Ultraviolet radiation is an invisible killer that you cannot see or feel. UV radiation can be high even on cool, overcast days. This means you can’t rely on clear skies or high temperatures to determine when you need to protect yourself from the sun. 

When it comes to Ultraviolet radiation there are two types to be aware of. 1) UVB rays are those which cause the skin to burn. 2) UVA rays will cause cellular damage, increasing the risk of skin cancer as well as ageing. 

Daily SPF will ensure your skin is protected against damaging UV rays which cause premature signs of ageing & pigmentation. 

When looking for the perfect everyday SPF it is important to make sure your SPF is: 

  • Broad Spectrum (Protects against UVA & UVB rays) 
  • TGA approved. 
  • Minimum 30+ 

Formulated specifically for the face, Pure Defence SPF 30 is comfortable enough for everyday wear.Utilising the latest advancements in clear zinc oxide technology, Pure Defence SPF 30 effortlessly blends into the skin leaving no white cast. 

Pure Defence is blended with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients to ensure you are delivering essential nutrients while also protecting your skin. 

Grapeseed Oil: Enriched with Grapeseed Oil, Pure Defence is rich in linoleic acid which makes it extremely effective in hydrating the skin. Grapeseed Oil is non-comedogenic meaning it won't clog pores. 

Shea Butter: Shea Butter is rich in phytonutrients that support & strengthen the skin's barrier. Shea Butter is extremely rich in essential fatty acids which are essential structural components of cell membranes. The high levels of essential fatty acids help to repair the skin's barrier function, keeping skin cells moist, strong & flexible. 

Candelilla wax: A vegan, plant based wax that contains rich healing properties when used on the skin. Candelilla Wax is non-comedogenic meaning it doesn’t clog and is suitable for those with acne prone skin. This unique wax has been found to be beneficial for improving age spots & pigmentation. 

Vitamin E: Enriched with multiple forms of Vitamin E, Pure Defence provides anti-inflammatory properties which soothe & nourish the skin. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient in supporting skin health & integrity and also assists in prevention of skin damage from oxidative stress.