09 - 08 - 22
Customer Journey - How Klara cleared her acne & achieved healthy skin.
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At MAAEMO the feedback and opinions of our loyal community is invaluable. We strive to create natural skincare products that are carefully developed using only the purest organic & natural ingredients. 

After reading the amazing review Klara left on the Hydra Lift Eye Gel, letting us know she was 'very happy with her results', we thought we would dive a little deeper into her skin journey with MAAEMO. 

Read Klara's MAAEMO skin journey below: 

How did your skin journey with MAAEMO begin ? 

"I discovered MAAEMO while following an Australian influencer named Ellie Watson, who shared her past acne problems. She was introducing a number of skin care products that had helped her in achieving clear skin. One of the products she recommended was Purifying Gel Cleanser, so I decided to check the web page. I did extensive research on the products and the company because I am quite picky about the products I use on my face, and I was astounded at how attentively the ingredients were picked. Additionally, I noted that the founder had a degree in naturopathy and herbal medicine, which gave me the assurance that the products were designed by someone who is well knowledgeable about the way plants influence our skin. Finally, when I learned that the products are vegan and free of animal testing, I knew I had to give them a try.That’s how my MAAEMO journey started, and since then, I've been satisfied with every purchase I've made, which has led to the fact that I now own an entire product line and always get very excited when a new product is out." - Klara Pelemis, MAAEMO customer. 

Why were you drawn to MAAEMO ? 

"First of all, MAAEMO products are visually appealing and they look different from other “commercial” skin care products on the market. I love a pure and elegant look to it, and the bamboo cover is a lovely finishing touch (the new all-white look of The Hydra Glow Serum also looks lovely and elegant). Second, each product was created with a specific purpose and skin goals in mind. I love the fact that there is a detailed description of each product and that the company is being transparent on the ingredients that they are using – which are absolutely AMAZING! Which gets us to the third point: ingredients. For me as a European, the fact that many of the ingredients in MAAEMO products can only be found in Australia sounded incredibly unique and appealing. I was aware that purchasing MAAEMO would get me access to ingredients that are unavailable in European skincare products." - Klara Pelemis, MAAEMO customer. 

Which MAAEMO products did you begin with ? What was your routine ? 

"I began by cleansing my face with Purifying Gel Cleanser, which I applied both in the morning and at night. Next, I applied a Mediterranean face cream made on the Croatian island of Pašman, then an SPF cream. Back then, I didn't know much about skin care routines, but when I found MAAEMO, I opened up a whole new world of skin care. Using MAAEMO has undoubtedly helped me learn a lot over the past year, and my routine has changed. Nowadays, in the morning and evening, I begin with Purifying Gel Cleanser, then Hydra Lift Eye Gel, Revitalize Mist, and a few drops of The Hydra Glow Serum. I add Hydrating Face Cream to my routine's closing steps and secure it with Pure Defence (if it's morning)." - Klara Pelemis, MAAEMO customer. 

How long did it take for you to notice improvements ? 

"I would say that the first changes started after a week. I started to notice a healthier glow and acne reduction. It took several months to completely get rid of acne (with help of facial cleanings and dermatologist consultation + constant use of MAAEMO products). What I loved about my process is the fact that MAAEMO products were not drying my face, but rather nourishing it and still helping me to reduce the acne." - Klara Pelemis, MAAEMO customer. 

What were the major improvements you noticed in your skin ? 

"Acne elimination, reduced scarring, improved oil balance, plumper skin, more hydration, less pigmentation, and glowing skin. My skin hasn't looked like this since I was 12 years old, and I'm not even exaggerating. Since I struggled with severe acne as a teenager, having healthy, radiant skin was all I could dream about." - Klara Pelemis, MAAEMO customer. 

Which is your favourite MAAEMO product & why ? 

"This is a hard question for someone who uses all the products by MAAEMO and every time the bottle is empty replaces it. I even order products from Australia all the way to Europe, which tells how much I love it as the customs can be very costly and to receive the product is a minimum of two weeks waiting time (one time I waited month and a half). But if I had to pick just one product, it would have to be Purifying Gel Cleanser, I simply cannot imagine my morning/evening ritual without it. Not only does it thoroughly cleanse my skin, but it also leaves a soft feeling behind without over drying it. Long-term, I observed a decrease in acne and an improvement in the face's tone. It also leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean, which creates a wonderful foundation for applying Vitalize Face Elixir or/and Hydrating Face Cream, the ideal duo for a makeup-free glow." - Klara Pelemis, MAAEMO customer. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to make the change to MAAEMO skincare ? 

"Just do it - the world needs more individuals who desire to use skincare products like those from MAAEMO. While there are too many harmful skincare products that only damage our bodies, MAAEMO products are entirely natural, environmentally friendly, and designed with the health of its customers in mind. It is more than just another skincare brand, it is a skincare brand with a mission, and consumers need to support businesses that bring people and nature together." - Klara Pelemis, MAAEMO customer.