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DIY Lockdown brows with Madeline Kate.
DIY Lockdown brows with Madeline Kate.

Owner of MK Brows, Madeline has over 12 years experience in the beauty industry. She has spent the last 6 years perfecting her skills in cosmetic tattooing and is our go-to girl for all things brows. 

We sat down with brown queen Madeline Kate to get her top tips for maintaining your brows during lockdown. 

What is your favourite brow look ?

In the brow industry there is two types of popular looks.

  1. The fluffy natural brow
  2. The defined Ombre brow

I personally have a natural brow myself as I don’t suit a defined brow, however each person suits a different style depending on their facial features and look they desire.

I like to fill in my brows softly with a fine precision pencil or soft brow cremè and then groom with my Brow Hold brow soap.

What is one brow trend you wish would disappear ?

I personally am not a fan of any brow that is too dramatic in any style. For example, the over-the-top fluffy look, where the brows are made to stand directly straight up dramatically-this can look unruly.

The same in which an over defined brow can look overly intense.

  • Brows should always soften and compliment the face.

 What is your favourite type of brow tattoo to do ?

Personally I love the combination/shaded brow.

This method creates soft hair strokes in the beginning of the brow and softly shaded on the tails.

There is a few reasons why I love this method for majority of our clients:

  • The machine methods are far less traumatic and retain nicely in the skin. Skin health is key.
  • Once healed they settled beautifully in the skin and look natural.
  • Immediately after they can appear slightly more defined but generally settle within the few 1-2 weeks.
  • The results are soft and natural.

 How have your brows changed over time ?

I’m sure the majority of us have gone through the 90s over-plucked Brows right!? Haha…

Before specializing in brows, I have personally plucked my brows to oblivion (back in the day) and then spent the time regrowing them out- Luckily for me I hadn’t permanently damaged my hair growth from the over-plucking.

Growing the brows can be tricky and take time, but there are many options to do so. For some, it is brow growth serums, and others it may be some great brow products, brow tinting/dye or brow tattooing. Talking to an experienced Brow Artist can help in the process.

What are your tips for lockdown DIY brows ?

My number one tip for the DIY brows is to ideally embrace and groom them in their natural state.

Hair removal tips:

If you are absolutely desperate for hair removal it is best to leave them, however if you choose to tweeze without your favourite brow artist available try tweezing far away from the brow line and removing any stray hairs that will not interfere with your shape. All it takes is removing one too many hairs and it can create long-term gaps. If you can resist the urge, then even better. I have been recommending to my clients a clear brow gel or brow soap product to tame and neaten your brows until salons reopen.

Brow tinting tips:

Regarding DIY tinting of fair hairs, pigmented brow products such as pencils, powders or brow gels can work to brighten your brows.

For some tinting is a necessity. If this is the case you can purchase some low-grade tints from the chemist.

Use with caution, always go a lighter colour than desired and very strictly follow the instructions. I do not recommend exceeding the processing times as you may just end up with an undesired look.


Most importantly if you can hold off tinting or plucking your own brows, your specialized brows artist will not be disappointed. 

We are getting our tools ready and preparing ourselves for the “grown-out lockdown” brows and can’t wait to tame our clients brows!