08 - 09 - 21
Expert skin advice with dermal therapist Madilyn Wolens.
Expert skin advice with dermal therapist Madilyn Wolens.

Tell us a little about what you do ? 

I am a Registered Nurse and I own a Cosmetic & Wellness Clinic in Brisbane. I did my post graduate studies in Integrative Medicine and Dermal science in order to treat my Cosmetic Patients both topically and internally.

How did you get started in the industry ?

I endured her own skin battles, from eczema to keratosis pilaris and acne, however found the conventional treatment consisted of Band-Aid approaches through medicine and creams that only caused side effects and long term damage to the skin. This sparked my interest and passion in holistic skin care and integrative Medicine to address the disease's root cause.

I did my Diploma followed by a Degree and postgraduate studies and then spent years working under Cosmetic doctors and also worked in both gastrointestinal and orthopedic wards in the hospital. 

What made you interested in skin care / cosmetic injecting ?

Cosmetic Injecting is often an instant gratification for the patient. When done correctly, I can achieve a real confidence boosting change quite quickly. Skincare is an integral part of our patients' cosmetic journey. I thoroughly enjoy the science behind skincare and knowing what is going on my and my patients skin. As mentioned above, I have endured my share of skin conditions and know how disheartening it can be to be sucked into poorly formulated, over marketed skin care products. 

What are your favourite skin care trends ?

Gua Sha is a huge trend at the moment and I'm not mad about it! Everyone's circulation and lymphatics could do with some more loving. I also love the move to reusable microfiber pads making it easy for clients to transition from harsh makeup wipes.

What is your approach to beauty ?

The older I get the more I realise, less is more. I used to smother my skin in makeup to hide every bump and discoloration. Now I let my skin show through as I love and nurture it knowing how far it's come.

As a dermal therapist what is the most common skin complaint you see?

At the moment I am mainly seeing bacterial infections, Perioral Dermatitis and cystic acne aggravated but the use of PPE masks. Wash and change your masks regularly people! Typically though, we will see hormonal acne as many of our patients will be transitioning off of the oral contraceptive Pill.

What are 3 tips you would give to someone wanting to improve their general skin health?

Annoyingly, it really does start from within;

1. Are you really consuming 2-3L of filtered water daily? (Most of us aren't!)

2. Check in with those bowels. Are you moving them daily and are they formed? If not, your poor skin is going to be another elimination pathway!

3. Add in an oil. Whether you're dry or oily, your skin's barrier loves a good quality oil to help maintain the health of the epidermis.

What is the biggest mistake you see people doing with their skin?

STOP exfoliating - if your skin is irritated, inflamed, poorly healing, scrubbing it is not going to help. Don't kick it whilst it's down! The skin desquamates on its own when healthy, so cut back for a while and let it do its thing.

What is your favourite skincare ingredient that you think should be an essential in everyone's skincare routine?

As basic as it may seem, I do love a good Rosehip or Hemp Seed oil. Rich in natural vitamins and essential fatty acids that promote the skin's internal hydration and healthy barrier. I will often recommend an oil as the last product of an evening in my patients routine. 

What are you favourite Maaemo products ?

The Vitalize Face Elixir - a little bottle of gold! I often recommend this to my acne patients as their night time oil. It is incredibly healing and nourishing. I also can't keep the Rejuvenation clay cleanser on my shelves! This texture is incredible and so great for my acne/ oily patients who want to use a ‘decongesting’ cleanser but don't want to strip their skin. I use it twice a week on my dry, dehydrated skin to help decongest from PPE Mask and makeup wearing. 

If you you would like to see more about what Madilyn does you can find her on Instagram @the_functional_nurse