27 - 10 - 21
Founder Hillary Wilcox talks the Hydra Lift Eye Gel.
Founder Hillary Wilcox talks the Hydra Lift Eye Gel.

We sat down with naturopath founder Hillary Wilcox to discuss why she created the Hydra Lift Eye Gel and key ingredients included. 

What made you develop the Hydra Lift Eye Gel ? 

I start to develop a new product when I notice a gap in my skincare routine. I tried a lot of natural eye creams on the market and found that they were either oil based which were quite heavy, sticky in texture or not effective enough so it was important to me that we created an eye gel that ticked all of the boxes.

Why do you love this product ? 

I love the texture! It's light and gel-like so it feels weightless around my delicate eye area but it feels so silky and cooling when you rub it in. I use it mostly as a preventative to defend against ageing and fine lines in that area but I notice how it depuffs instantly.

How is it different from other eye serums on the market ?

The Hydra Lift eye gel is quite unique in texture. It’s a super lightweight, concentrated gel so it feels really light and silky. We have also included  clinically proven anti ageing actives so it truly does what it says it does.  


Which key ingredients did you include & why ? 

Hyaluronic acid- To plump, hydrate and restore moisture levels around the eye area to diminish wrinkles. 

Coffee Bean Extract- A boost of caffeine in order to increase circulation and reduce puffiness/ dark circles

Wakame Extract- A clinically proven anti ageing active, designed to target and lift fine lines and wrinkles to improve the signs of ageing.