05 - 08 - 22
Healthy Snacks - Inner Radiance & Yoghurt Bark.
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If you are looking for ways to incorporate Inner Radiance into your daily wellness routine, look no further than this healthy Inner Radiance & Yoghurt Bark recipe. 

The perfect on-the-go snack or after dinner treat, this nourishing recipe will ensure you are nourishing your skin from the inside out. 


- Greek Yoghurt 

- MAAEMO Inner Radiance Powder 

- Raspberries

- Coconut flakes 

- Almonds

- Chia Seeds 

- Cashew nuts 

- Pepita (pumpkin seeds)


1. To begin, line a baking tray with baking / non stick paper. 

2. Add Greek Yoghurt & IR to the tray, mix together and spread evenly across the baking tray. 

3. Sprinkle your chosen toppings - Coconut flakes, Raspberries, Almonds, Chia Seeds, Cashew nuts & Pepitas. 

4. Place the bark in the freezer and leave for 4 hours (until frozen). 

5. Break up to serve & enjoy!