01 - 11 - 21
How Tullee transformed her skin using MAAEMO.
How Tullee transformed her skin using MAAEMO.

We love to hear from our loyal MAAEMO community about how our products have transformed your skin. 

When Tullee reached out to us letting us know how much improvement she had seen in her skin since using our products we felt it was important to share her story. 

At the age of 23 Tullee began suffering from cystic acne. She started researching skin care and came across MAAEMO. Drawn to our natural & organic ingredients, Tullee began her skin care journey. 

Read how Tullee transformed her skin below - 

When did your skin journey with MAAEMO begin ? 

Prior to starting MAAEMO I was having large breakouts over my cheeks and chin area. I had extremely dry and dull skin and large cystic acne over my cheeks. 

What made you choose MAAEMO ? 

I had started researching new skin care and stumbled across MAAEMO on Instagram. I loved that they used natural ingredients and at the time I was seeing a naturopath to help my skin and she checked the label and was super happy with all of the ingredients. 

Which products did you start using ? 

I started using the Purifying Gel Cleanser and Hydrating Face Cream. I started noticing a change after a month of using the products. The acne started to disappear and scarring began to heal. I am super keen to try some more products over the next few months. 

How has your skin changed since using MAAEMO ? 

I have been using MAAEMO skincare for over a year and have loved every minute of it. 

My skin has largely cleared up since using MAAEMO, my skin is a lot more hydrated and I rarely have breakouts now, along with regular facials I feel that MAAEMO has significantly improved my acne. I am super happy with my skin now and how glowy my skin looks.