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Inner Radiance Chia Pudding Recipe
Inner Radiance Chia Pudding Recipe


If you are looking for a healthy snack or on-the-go breakfast, this Inner Radiance Chia Pudding will be a new favourite. 

Including our skin repairing Inner Radiance Powder, this Chia Pudding provides you with all the nutrients needed to start your day off the right way! With a subtle cranberry flavor, this delicious skin-loving powder will transform your complexion while also supporting gut health. 

Inner Radiance works by addressing skin health at the 3 main contributing factors - Gut Health, nutritional support & liver support. Inner Radiance contains 10% RDI of Zinc, 93% RDI of vitamin C and 2.4 billion CFU of probiotics. 

See below for recipe! 

Serves: 1

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Set Time: Overnight


- 2 tbsp chia seeds

- 1/2 cup oat milk

- 1 tsp Inner Radiance powder

- 1 heaped tbsp of coconut yoghurt

- 2 strawberries, sliced

- 4 fresh raspberries

- 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds

- 1 passionfruit

- drizzle of maple syrup


  1. In a jar, container, or glass, mix 2 tbsp chia seeds with 1/2 cup oat milk and 1 tsp of inner radiance powder. 
  2. Place in the fridge overnight to set.
  3. Once the pudding has set, add your toppings! 


* any milk can substitute oat milk

* you can use any fruit, seeds or other toppings you like!