19 - 07 - 22
Introducing the latest product to join the MAAEMO range - 'Hydra Glow Serum'.
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A year in the making, the Hydra Glow Serum is finally here and we cannot wait to share this powerful new product with our MAAEMO community. 

The latest addition to the MAAEMO range, the Hydra Glow Serum features an advanced youth restoring formula suitable for all skin types. Whether your skin goals are increased hydration, reduced fine lines or brighter skin, this serum will be a new found favourite in your organic skincare routine. 

With a background in naturopathy MAAEMO founder Hillary began researching the powerful benefits of Tremella Mushroom. She discovered that it was highly regarded as the ‘Youth Mushroom’ and held up to 5 x more water weight than Hyaluronic acid. Instantly drawn to the hydrating & brightening benefits, Hillary knew she wanted to create a unique serum blended with anti-ageing peptides, Hyaluronic Acid & Tremella Mushroom. 

After months of trials, the Hydra Glow Serum was brought to life. This unique formula features a brightening cocktail of organic & natural ingredients. Bilberry Extract works in synergy with Licorice Root Extract to protect the skin against damaging free radicals, delivering essential antioxidants to brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation & dark spots. 

Formulated to provide a surge of hydration, Hyaluronic Acid, Tremella Mushroom & Betaine enhance the skin's ability to hold water, supporting hydration and maintaining the skin's epidermis. Powerful, anti-ageing ‘Tetrapeptides’ provide a four amino acid complex to the skin, triggering the skin's reparative process which inturn counteract sagging & ageing effects. 

Confident in the profound anti-ageing & brightening benefits, Hillary created the MAAEMO Inner Circle who tried & tested the serum with astonishing results. 100% of consumer participants noticed an increase in the hydration of their skin. 66.7% noticed improved elasticity and 66.7% noticed a brighter overall complexion.

“I absolutely love the Hydra Glow Serum! I loved how easy it was to integrate into my skin care routine and how hydrating it left my skin feeling. The scent of the Hydra Glow Serum left me wanting to put it all over my body. After cleansing with the Purifying Gel Cleanser, the Hydra Glow Serum instantly replenished my skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and my complexion brighter!” - Participant from consumer trial.

“The scent is amazing, it feels like I am using a flower on my face. You literally could not improve the scent any more! My skin felt way more hydrated, I found myself needing to use less makeup day to day due to my skin looking clearer and brighter. I was especially impressed with how nice and soft my skin still felt the morning after using the serum as part of my night time routine. I would definitely recommend this product, especially to people who may have dehydrated skin." Participant from consumer trial.