09 - 05 - 22
MAAEMO founder Hillary's encounter with Melanoma
MAAEMO founder Hillary's encounter with Melanoma

In honor of Melanoma awareness month in May, we are urging you this month to create healthier habits that protect you against harmful UV rays. 

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer because if it isn’t detected early enough it can spread to other organs. For this reason, it is so important to get regular checks and diagnose Melanoma early. 

When MAAEMO founder Hillary discovered an unusual looking mole on her back, she visited her GP who briefly looked over it and told her it was nothing to worry about. 

Seeking a second opinion, she visited her local Skin Cancer Clinic who recognised the mole as suspicious and removed it that day. Sent off for further testing, Hillary soon found out that the mole on her back was in fact early stage melanoma. 

Naïve to the reality of being diagnosed with melanoma at the age of 21, Hillary was inspired to create awareness around daily SPF use & develop a mineral SPF that was comfortable enough for everyday use. 

“I found that chemical SPFs were not well suited to sensitive skin and would also break me out,  and then I found that most of the mineral based SPFs either felt super chalky and drying on my skin, or they left a white cast on my face. Then there’s all the scents! I found that chemical SPFs were highly scented and the mineral/ zinc options smelt very unpleasant. When I asked others what they used, the feedback was similar. The options, especially in the mineral category were very limited. When you ask someone why they don’t wear sunscreen, it normally always comes back to the fact that they can’t find one they like enough to use.” - Hillary Wilcox, MAAEMO founder. 

After years of testing, Pure Defence SPF 30 was brought to life. Pure Defence is a 100% mineral, zinc based SPF that rubs in clear leaving no white cast. Using the latest advancements in clear zinc oxide technology, Pure Defence effortlessly blends into the skin making it perfect for everyday use. 

It was so important to develop a SPF that was comfortable for everyday use as everyday use will ensure you are protected against harmful UV rays all throughout the year. 

Pure Defence is a zinc based SPF that uses physical UV filters to act as a barrier, reflecting UV from the skin. Pure Defence SPF 30 is a TGA approved, scent free sunscreen that is super hydrating and rubs in clear leaving no white cast. We have also included a handful of skin loving ingredients to deeply nourish & hydrate your skin.