21 - 04 - 22
MAAEMO Mothers Day Series - Stacey Keillah
MAAEMO Mothers Day Series - Stacey Keillah

To celebrate the limited edition Mothers Day Bundle, we sat down with Stacey Keillah to discuss her transition into Motherhood with her beautiful boy Jaiya. 

How has motherhood changed you ?

"Motherhood has really helped me put things into perspective. It has highlighted everything that truly means a lot to me and helped me let go of things that are not worth my energy."

What is a quote you live by ?

“You’ll never get this day back again - mind you after some days that’s a great thing haha. But it’s a gentle reminder that every dawn brings a new day and to really cherish the moment you’re in."

What advice would you give to new mums ?

"Do not be too hard on yourself. Try and be as present as possible with your little babe but also allocate some solo time so you can feel like yourself again even if it’s only for 20 minutes."

What is your favourite part about being a mum ?

Seeing Jaiya’s little personality develop. There is no better feeling in the world than hearing that giggle or seeing that smile first thing in the morning.

What advice did your mum give you ?

“Embrace the beautiful chaos"

What is your favourite product in the MAAEMO Mothers Day Bundle?

"My favourite product would have to be the face elixir. It’s perfect to lather on post shower when my skin has been a little dull and dry."