27 - 08 - 21
Meet Brinkley Davies
Meet Brinkley Davies

Brinkley Davies is an Australian girl with a passion for wildlife & conservation. She has multiple charities and strives to raise awareness for conserving marine wildlife and what we can do to protect & maintain our natural environment.

We sat down with Brinkley to discuss all things marine & wildlife conservation, her charities and her tips for being more environmentally conscious.

Tell us a little about yourself ?

I’m Brinkley, I love the ocean, and all animals! I am from a small country/ coastal town in South Australia. I have recently just turned 28, and I spent 3.5 yrs studying Marine Biology at University, approximately 3 years working as a volunteer/ research assistant in the field with different sharks, whales and other marine life, and overall approx. 6-7 years as a wildlife guide in different areas of marine tourism. I have also travelled the world for many other conservation projects.

How did you become interested in marine & wildlife conservation ?

I have always loved animals, and wildlife, it has been something that has fascinated me since a young age. I have always felt a connection with animals, and over time this has simply grown within the experiences I have had, and what I have learnt.

Tell us about your marine & wildlife foundations & charities ?

In 2017, after two years of putting it all together, I founded Balu Blue Foundation. This came from a combination of passions in conservation, including educating people around plastics in our marine environment, native wildlife rescue and habitat protection, and of course marine conservation projects. We have over the last few years, worked on projects which help us achieve our mission on different levels, including relief for wildlife during the bushfire crisis, help with funding for carers, collaborating with the scientists for Great Southern Reef to achieve a Hope Spot Rating for the Great Southern Reef area, and now working on a new project will be focus on wildlife rescue Australia Wide.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to take steps towards being environmentally friendly ?

1. In day to day life it’s all about what you are consuming. One of the most impactful things you can do, above all else, is to eliminate meat, dairy and seafood from your diet, or at least cut back where possible. The global demand for this is seeing incredible amounts of pollution in the form of methane and damaging gases going into our atmosphere, alongside habitat clearing and destruction for either farming livestock, or growing their food, not to mention the cruelty involved. 

2. Think about what you are using – cut out single use plastics, and use recyclable materials as much as you can. Same rule for it all, if it doesn’t break down, or can’t be used again, it is either going to landfill, or in the sea. 

3. If you are flying or travelling lots, try to offset it. With many of us on the road, or flying, always do your best to carbon offset your travel, which is a simple tick box when flying. With many exciting renewable options on their way in the motor industry, it is my hope we can all stop driving diesel cars, and move over to renewable powered vehicles in the future!

4. Support petitions and politicians that want renewable energy, climate action, and a cruelty free world. We have a long way to go to help our planet, so getting the right people high up is very important. Always make sure to support projects, petitions and people who are trying to change the way our country does things.

We know you were heavily involved in the bush fires, what made you so passionate about helping those affected ?

This was all a bit too close to home for me, we were standing in smoke at my dads house and watching the island 20km across the sea turn into an inferno and create its own fire clouds. The fires were so hot and powerful that it decimated 80% of the island from top to bottom. This, on top of seeing first-hand the animals coming in with burns, ad searching decimated forests for any animals left, was enough to scar and drive anyone to help where they can. At Balu Blue we were able to get funding to carers who don’t have social media or great access to help, and support the recovery process of this, vet bills, and the rest. I personally volunteered my time to help with a few different rescues in SA, including koala rescue in the Adelaide Hills.

Why is clean beauty important to you ?

Clean Beauty is important to me, because I have learnt about the power of natural ingredients, and know how damaging chemicals can be to our skin and overall health. I only use natural products on my skin, it makes you feel amazing, the benefits for your skin, and also knowing you are supporting sustainable, naturally derived ingredients. My rule is, if you can’t pronounce it and don’t know what it is, it should be nowhere near your body, or our drains to the ocean.

What made you choose Maaemo ? What have been your favourite products in their range ?

Maaemo stood out to me a few years back after reading about their passions for natural ingredients, against animal testing and recyclable materials. After using the products, I found them to be so beautiful on my skin, and had great results. This on top of their values were the main reasons I chose Maaemo.

My favourite products are the Revitalize Face Mist, Vitalize Face Elixir and the Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser.

I try to double cleanse my face, as I’m often covered in Zinc from diving or surfing, then I use the mist + the Elixir. This has helped to keep my skin super hydrated and recover from big days in the sun. My skin is not as red at night time, and it is definitely more even toned. I also love the mask! I do this probably once a month when I get a chill day. 

Tell us about your sustainable jewellery brand  'Bandicoot By Brinkley' ?

I launched Bandicoot in August 2020, after a few years digging into each part to make sure it was exactly what I aimed for, morally, quality wise and to give back.

After spending time in Borneo, I saw the damage unsustainable mining for gemstones and opals does to the rainforest, along with often slave labour, and other humanitarian issues.

On top of creating quality products, I wanted to meet and know the people making my jewels. I eventually found a great team, women dominated, who’s craftsmanship is like no other, are professionals in all aspects of their jobs. Our employees are well treated, fairly paid, insured with both full medical and pension plans, holiday pay, maternity leave, lunch budget and in generally a happy group that has worked a great deal of time together in a family styled environment with good communication and focus on common respect, this is of crucial importance to us, from start to finish, we are supporting and forward economy of ethical, slow jewellery trade, which values quality, and respect. 

We produce high quality products from our teams hands to yours to sustain the natural habitat of creatures big and small. Our silver is sourced from Italy and Germany, it is designed by me, and then shaped, and perfected in Indonesia, before coming back to me, for a whole lot of testing! Our merchant solely possesses The Responsible Gold Certificate from LBMA. This certification ensures the exchange of minerals from sources who are free from illegal mining, money laundering, terrorism, human rights violations and human trafficking. 

We are so excited to welcome Brinkley to the Maaemo family. She embodies everything we stand for, encompassing all aspects of being environmentally conscious and taking steps to better the earth. We stand in solidarity with Mother Earth to nurture the gifts she intended for us. We strive to take small steps each day to better the planet & environment. 

Head to her foundation to read more about what you can do to support wildlife conservation.