23 - 06 - 21
Say Goodbye To Blemished, Acne Prone Skin
Say Goodbye To Blemished, Acne Prone Skin

Are you suffering from dry? dull ? or congested skin ? We have all been there and it can make you feel eh, average. 

To help promote clear, clean and glowing skin we have put together a step-by-step guide to help you through your skin woes. 

Dont stress, these simple steps will have you glowing in no time.  

  1. Use an antibacterial cleanser. To ensure you are removing dirt, makeup and impurities from the day it is important to ensure your cleanser contains antibacterial properties, this will kill any acne causing bacteria reducing the likelihood of blemishes occuring. Our Purifying Gel Cleanser contains a number of antibacterial botanicals which are perfecting for keeping your pores clear of inflammation causing bacteria.
  2. Microfibre cloth. Enhancing your skin care routine with a Microfibre Face Cloth will allow you to remove any stubborn makeup, dirt or SPF from the skin! However, make sure to remove this from the shower. If the cloth is left damp it can cause bacteria to accumulate which will then lead to more blemishes.
  3. Exfoliate. To ensure you are continually removing dead skin cells and allowing for cell renewal it is important to regularly exfoliate the skin. Our Fruit Enzyme Refiner is perfect for those suffering from problematic skin as it utilizes AHA fruit enzymes as a chemical exfoliant which will help to gently loosen dead skin cells without the physical motion of scrubbing the product into the skin. 
  4. Weekly Face Masks. Enriched with Kaolin Clay our Elimination Mask has anti-inflammatory properties which will help soothe redness & irritation. Kaolin Clay will also help absorb excess oils in the skin, soaking up acne causing impurities and promoting clearer, cleaner skin. 
  5. Nourish the skin. If you are suffering from problematic skin and have acne scarring our Vitalize Face Elixir will deliver essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which will help heal the appearance of scarring. Rosehip oil in the elixir will provide Vitamin C to the skin helping support collagen production. 
  6. Clean! This is an absolute must, change your pillow cases regularly! If you are leaving your pillow cases for longer than 2 weeks at a time chances are you are leaving oils/bacteria on the pillow where your face lays - this could be making your skin worse! If you are a daily wearer of makeup you may want to consider cleaning your face brushes, like your pillow cases these too will accumulate dirt, breeding bacteria which could be causing you to break out.