08 - 06 - 21
Serums Or Face Oils, Which To Choose
Serums Or Face Oils, Which To Choose

Skin care can be confusing, serums, oils, moisturisers there are so many options to choose from. Taking things back to basics we have broken it down for you, making a step-by-step cheat sheet on how to use, when to use & which is best for your skin type.  

Soo serums, what are they?

Serums are made up of small molecules which allow them to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Applied after cleansing or exfoliating, serums contain concentrated ingredients aimed to target specific skin concerns - wrinkles, darkness or pigmentation.

Generally speaking, serums are only required if you are wanting to target specific skin issues. If you have younger skin you can probably skip this step in your everyday routine!


Oils..Where do they fit in?

Oils are perfect for hydrating, nourishing & restoring the skin.

We typically recommend applying products thinnest to thickest (apply oils BEFORE moisturiser).

Enriched with antioxidants, oils will help replenish the skin, helping you achieve that radiant, luminous glow we all love. When searching for a face oil ensure it is non-comedogenic - What does this mean? It won't clog your pores! When the right oils are applied, Oils can be great for those who have problematic skin/ acne prone skin as they are incredibly balancing. Often acne occurs due to an over production of sebum (the skins natural oils), but when a balancing face oil is used, this signals to the sebaceous glands that less oil is needed to be produced- thus reducing congestion within the pores.

 Our Vitalize Face Elixir is non-comedogenic making it perfect for those suffering from acne or problematic skin conditions. This oil will help balance the skin's natural oils while delivering essential vitamins C and E to help promote collagen production & support cell structure and repair. Enriched with Hemp Seed our elixir provides a powerful source of Omega 3’s and 6’s which are essential in supporting healthy skin cell membranes.


What's the difference ?

 The key difference to note is that serums are generally water based whereas oils do not contain any water at all.  Water based serums absorb quickly into the skin due to their smaller molecule makeup, oils however have larger molecules which means they are more focused on the epidermis layer of the skin (outermost layer of skin).  

Do I need both?

Our answer….it depends on your skin type, skin goals & budget!

Each are great for different things. If you are wanting to target a specific area of concern, then serums may be something you want to incorporate! If you are seeking a product to improve the overall health and vitality of your skin, a face oil may be a more suitable choice for you.  

When using both these products we recommend using serums BEFORE oils, this allows them to penetrate deeply into the skin. If moisturiser’s or oils are applied before serums they will inhibit the effects of the serum preventing it from sinking deep into the layers of the skin.