10 - 06 - 21
Ultimate Guide To Cleansing
Ultimate Guide To Cleansing

Cleansing, we know it's important when it comes to clean, healthy skin, but why do many of us still skip this simple step in our skin care routine ? Washing with water or relying on our lazy, quick-fix makeup wipes ?

Whether it be makeup, dirt or impurities cleansing should be an absolute non-negotiable in your skin care routine - especially if you wear SPF.

 To make things easy we have put together the ultimate cleansing guide, providing you with the do's and don'ts of cleansing to help you achieve clear, clean & glowing skin! 


DOUBLE CLEANSE…...Yes, that means cleanse twice.

If you are an everyday wearer of makeup this is an absolute MUST.

To begin, we recommend using our Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser & Microfiber face cloths as the initial cleanse in your routine. This cleansing duo will help wipe away makeup from the day, gently buffing the skin while nourishing and hydrating. Enriched with Bentonite clay, this cleanser will absorb excess oils & bacteria from the skin while eliminating toxins. Papaya extract will deliver the skin with essential antioxidants, helping defend against signs of ageing.


Once clean we recommend a foaming cleanser to deeply cleanse the pores. Our Purifying Gel Cleanser lathers into a delicate foam while antibacterial properties will help remove any bacteria left on the skin, anti-inflammatory properties will also help soothe any inflammation.


SLOW DOWN….Think of your cleansing routine as self love. 

Don’t rush, cleansing should be a ritualistic step in your skin care routine - Think of it as ‘self love’.

You should aim to massage the cleanser into your skin for about 1 minute. This gives the product time to develop into a delicate foam, removing dirt & makeup from the skin.

Speeding through this step will only inhibit the effectiveness of the cleanser, leaving you with impurities from the day and reducing the likelihood of other products penetrating deeply into the skin (serums/oils).


CONSIDER YOUR SKIN TYPE….Everyone is different.

Make sure when selecting your cleanser it is suited to your skin type. Do your research people! What works for your friends skin may not work for you.

If you tend to have dry or mature skin The Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser will work better for you. Enriched with Papaya extract this cleanser will deliver antioxidants to the skin helping defend against premature signs of ageing. Hazelnut oil contains essential fatty acids that will help boost collagen production while vitamin E will help improve overall skin elasticity and moisture levels.

Those with more oily skin will find the Purifying Gel Cleanser works best for them. This foaming cleanser is antibacterial & anti-inflammatory, enriched with Pomegranate seed oil this product will help improve the appearance of blemishes while supporting collagen production. Licorice root extract will assist in brightening the skin's complexion, inhibiting the production of enzymes needed to produce pigmentation.


APPLICATION….Make sure you know how to apply the product.

Both our cleansers can be applied to a damp face. To enhance your cleansing routine we always recommend using a microfiber cloth, this will help remove excess dirt & makeup while gently buffing the skin.

If you use an oil based cleanser however this should be applied to dry skin - typically before wetting the face to melt away makeup.