21 - 02 - 22
This weeks favourites at MAAEMO HQ
This weeks favourites at MAAEMO HQ

Here at MAAEMO HQ we are lucky enough to have access to every product in the MAAEMO range as well as testing new products before they reach our customers. 

It allows us to rotate our routines and find what suits our skin best. 

This week we sat with the team to find out what 3 products they are loving. 

MAAEMO founder Hillary - Hydra Lift Eye Gel, Clay Cleanser & Vitalize Face Elixir. 

The Hydra Lift Eye Gel is a non negotiable for me ! I'm not a morning person so I love applying the eye gel as a part of my morning routine. It's boosted with caffeine so it wakes my skin right up and banishes my puffy, tired eyes. 

I've also recently been using the Rejuvenation Cleanser as a brightening mask and it's really changed my whole skincare routine. I leave it on for about 3-5 minutes and it's the easiest facial you'll ever give yourself. This is also a great option for when I've accidentally over-exfoliated as it has such a mild exfoliation effect that I can do this in place of my refiner for the week. This mask instantly leaves my skin softer, brighter and more hydrated in 5 minutes. 

The Elixir is my forever favourite product that will never not be in my skincare routine. We recently removed the essential Oils so it's even more gentle than before. It just gives you the most supple, glowy skin. I feel like I'm giving my skin a vitamin infusion in every drop. 

MAAEMO Marketing Coordinator Hannah - Vitalize Face Elixir, Purifying Gel Cleanser & Fruit Enzyme Refiner 

“I love a good quality face oil. The Vitalize Face Elixir is a staple in my PM routine. I love to put it all over my face and on my lashes. I feel it makes them really strong & appear thicker. The Purifying Gel Cleanser is also my daily go-to. I love to deeply cleanse my face after I have removed my makeup. I wear makeup & SPF daily so it is super important to make sure I remove everything properly. Lastly, I can’t go past the Fruit Enzyme Refiner. It smells amazing. If I don’t feel like scrubbing my face, I’ll leave it on as more of a chemical exfoliant - This allows the AHA fruit enzymes to dissolve the dead skin cells”.