17 - 05 - 21
Gotu Kola - Why this powerful herb is a go-to in our products.
Gotu Kola - Why this powerful herb is a go-to in our products.

We don’t always take time to make the connection between the food we eat and our health. For thousands of years food has been the medicine which keeps us healthy, supporting our immunity and all other vital functions within our bodies.
While we take time out for our skin care routines and practice healthy lifestyle habits, it is just as vital we focus on what we are putting into our bodies.

Not only is it vital for ensuring our overall health but our skin is affected by what we eat too, making it essential to be consuming the right amount of vitamins and minerals everyday.

Traditionally used in western herbal medicine, Gotu Kola is loved for its wide range of uses and medicinal benefits. Belonging to the herb family Parsley, this botanical ingredient has been referred to as ‘The herb of longevity’ and can be found in organic skin care as well as herbal ingestible supplements.

According to research, when ingested Gotu Kola has been found to help promote circulation, improving the flow of blood in those suffering from varicose veins and reducing fluid retention in those suffering from diabetic blood vessel diseases.

As many of us may know, when we’re stressed it can be difficult to unwind. This makes it harder for our bodies to relax and fall asleep. Research suggests, Gotu Kola can be used to ease mild symptoms of stress and anxiety as well helping those suffering from insomnia get a peaceful night's sleep!

Gotu Kola has also been found to stimulate repair and new cell growth, this promotes the healing of wounds as well as preventing scarring. Terpenoids found in Gotu Kola help boost the skin's natural collagen production, improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here at Maaemo we love this powerful botanical ingredient and have included it in many of our certified organic skincare products to help boost collagen production, stimulate repair and new cell growth. Ensuring we include natural and certified organic ingredients in our skincare allows us to take a holistic approach to wellness, harnessing the natural gifts Mother Earth intended for us.


We believe glowing skin starts from within, focusing on what we put into our bodies and making sure we get the right amount of nutrients to support healthy skin.

You can find this powerful herb in our Australian made, certified organic skincare products - Hydrating Face Cream, Elimination Mask and Revitalize Mist. This organic ingredient will help you achieve that radiant, luminous complexion we all love.