04 - 05 - 21

Sleep, while many of us are lacking it why do we neglect the thing that allows our bodies to repair, restore and relax ? Sleep or the lack of can dramatically impact our mood, mental and physical health as well as our hormone regulation. One of the best things you can do to protect your immune system from disease and illness is ensure you are getting a good night's rest. Reintroducing positive steps into your night time routine will allow your body to repair and restore. Ensuring you wake refreshed and ready to be the best version of yourself. We have drawn together a list of tips to help you unwind and get your best sleep yet.

You can thank us later.


Put your phone down.

Many of us find ourselves glued to our devices before bed, affecting our bodies natural sleep schedule. Blue light from devices tricks our bodies into thinking it is still daytime, reducing melatonin levels and making it harder for us to get to sleep. Putting your phone away an hour or two before bedtime will allow your body enough time to naturally feel tired and ready
for bed.

Take some time to unwind.
Taking some time for yourself after a stressful day will allow you to create a soothing ritual before bed. This could include doing one of our Organic Elimination Masks, taking a hot bath or simply reading a book in bed with a chamomile tea.

Limit that 3pm Caffeine hit.
We all love our morning coffee but when consumed later in the day caffeine stimulates our nervous system making it difficult for our bodies to naturally relax and fall asleep. Keeping your caffeine intake to before 12pm will assist you in getting to sleep however if you still crave that 3pm coffee try taking it decaffeinated.

Incorporate essential oils.
Invest in a diffuser. Lavender oil has been known to improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia and restlessness before bed.

Our bodies were designed to move, our muscles need to be stretched and endorphins released to promote a healthy night's sleep. Ensuring you get 30 minutes of exercise and sunlight a day will promote a good night's sleep.