12 - 05 - 21
Physical Or Chemical Exfoliant - Which To Choose?
Physical Or Chemical Exfoliant - Which To Choose?

No matter how much we cleanse and moisturise one thing is for sure, exfoliating remains the best way to get that luminous clear glow we all LOVE.
Exfoliating helps sweep away dead skin cells, makeup and impurities from the day leaving you with a more even, glowing complexion. It allows for serums to be absorbed faster, penetrating deep layers of the skin to effectively enhance your skin care routine.

However the age old question remains.. Chemical or physical ?

Physical exfoliants use small particles & textures to buff away dead skin cells. The physical motion of moving the particles around on the skin removes dead skin, makeup and impurities buffing the skin's surface to reveal a smoother more refined complexion.

Chemical exfoliants however work without the physical motion of scrubbing the product into the skin. They include active ingredients such as AHA enzymes which dissolve dead skin cells, loosening the skin and lifting away impurities.

So... Which is best? Our answer is both.

When developing our certified organic, Fruit Enzyme Refiner we spent two years researching which exfoliants worked best. Many brands were found to use abrasive exfoliating beads such as walnut shells or nano-plastics. These harsh exfoliants were found to be damaging to the skin creating small tears and causing irritation.
Exfoliators including nano-plastics were also found to have detrimental environmental effects, polluting our waterways and oceans.

After careful research we found Diatomaceous Earth to be the most gentle and environmentally friendly exfoliant. This fossilized algae is rich in the skin loving mineral silica which helps to strengthen collagen production while buffing away dead skin cells which is why it is a key ingredient in the Fruit Enzyme Refiner

Research also revealed the vote for physical vs chemical exfoliants was still down the middle. Considering the needs of both customers we included AHA fruit enzymes as a chemical exfoliant for those needing a more gentle approach to exfoliation and Diatomaceous Earth for those customers who love the physical motion of scrubbing the skin.

When deciding which exfoliator is best for you it is important to consider your skin needs. Those suffering from problematic skin conditions such as Eczema, acne, dryness or sensitivity tend to find chemical exfoliants less abrasive and more effective in gently removing dead skin cells.

Physical exfoliants are great for those who love to work the product physically into their skin, buffing away imperfections to reveal a smoother more
brighter complexion.