25 - 01 - 22
How to layer your AM skin care.
How to layer your AM skin care.

If you are like us and have 100000 skin care products your skin care regime can get confusing. Which products should I use in the AM ? Which for PM ? Serums before moisturiser ? Physical SPF or chemical ? 

 As our skin changes so should our skin regimes. Understanding the basics of layering will help you maximize the effects of your skincare products & reap the benefits. 

So…..Where to begin ? 

Let's talk AM. Everyone wants a clean, fresh face for the day. 

At MAAEMO we like to keep things simple yet effective. If you remember anything in the morning let it be SPF! Protection is key, especially if you want to shield your skin from fine lines, wrinkles & age spots. 


Here is our favourite simplistic 4 step AM routine - 


Step 1 - Cleanse! Wake your face up with the delightful Purifying Gel Cleanser. Enriched with Chamomile extracts, this cleanser has antibacterial properties that will eliminate acne causing bacteria on the skin giving you a perfectly clean base to apply your skin care & makeup. 


Step 2 - Serums. If you are a skincare junkie you will know the importance of a great vitamin C. Vitamin C will help to brighten your overall complexion while also protecting your skin against damaging free radicals. Vitamin C will help to boost collagen production, thickening the epidermis and promoting firm skin. It is important to apply serums to freshly cleansed skin, this will allow the product to deeply penetrate, enhancing absorption! Incorporating a great Eye Gel in your AM routine will also help to boost hydration & smooth those unwanted fine lines & wrinkles. The Hydra Lift Eye Gel is our most concentrated formula, blended with active botanical extracts the Eye Gel will reduce dark circles & puffiness. 


Step 3 - Moisturiser. Lock in moisture with the Hydrating Face Cream. This light weight, fast absorbing moisturiser will instantly rehydrate dry, dull skin. Enriched with active botanicals, this facial cream will soothe inflammation, reduce the appearance of scarring and encourage collagen production. 


Step 4 - SPF. The most important step of all SPF! We cannot emphasize this enough. There is absolutely no point having an extensive skin care routine if you are skipping daily SPF. The newest addition to the MAAEMO range ‘Pure Defence SPF 30’ is the ultimate mineral SPF. Using the latest advancements in clear zinc oxide technology, Pure Defence effortlessly blends into the skin making it comfortable for everyday wear.