16 - 06 - 21
Licorice Root, Everything You Need To Know
Licorice Root, Everything You Need To Know

Licorice, we have all heard of it ? A deliciously tasty treat which is super sweet ?

Well yes but licorice root is slightly different…..This powerful botanical ingredient has been used in western herbal medicine for years and is known for its wide range of skin benefits.

 Grown in Southern Europe and West Asia the Licorice plant contains nearly 300 compounds which are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & antiviral. It is the root of the plant which offers the most beneficial compounds to the skin.

 See below why we love this powerful botanical.

  1. Lightens the appearance of pigmentation.  Licorice root contains active compounds which have been found to reduce the appearance of pigmentation by inhibiting the production of enzymes which cause the skin to darken.
  2.  Protects the skin. Licorice Root contains active ingredients which when applied to the skin boost antioxidant production, preventing UV damage and helping to manage the skin's oil production.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties. Licorice Root contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the appearance of redness and soothe irritation.

Should I incorporate this botanical ?

If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation, dark spots or any inflammatory skin condition this herbal ingredient may be an essential ingredient in your skin care routine. It can also be used as a natural treatment for melasma.

We find this ingredient works best with products containing vitamin C & antioxidants which promote brightening & collagen production.

You can find Licorice Root in our Purifying Gel Cleanser, this cleanser can be used AM or PM to help support overall skin health.


Skin Tip!

*To enhance brightening effects use in conjunction with our Fruit Enzyme Refiner & Vitalize Face Elixir. These products contain vitamin C which will help to further brighten the skin, boosting collagen production and reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.