09 - 08 - 21
Our Favourite Period Care Brand - TOM Organics
Our Favourite Period Care Brand - TOM Organics

Periods, we all have them. They are an important part of female health and we believe they should be embraced! To help care for our period needs we rely on TOM Organics for environmentally conscious products. Our favourite period care brand makes the experience just that little bit more pleasant, providing a range of cotton tampons, pads & period cups that don’t cost the earth. 

We love everything TOM stands for. TOM was founded on the philosophy that women should never have to compromise their wellbeing or the health of the planet with the products they buy. 

TOM seeks to enrich women's lives, exercising social and ethical responsibility in every aspect of their work. They see their impact as threefold focusing on health & wellbeing, environment and conscious choice. 

TOM Organics source all their organic cotton from certified organic cotton farms. Unlike other organic cotton farms, farmers aren't exposed to synthetic pesticides because the cotton isn’t sprayed with harmful chemicals. 

To ensure TOM organics is following the Australian Organic Standards they have regular audits by the Australian Certified Organic regulatory body. The ACO audits their entire supply chain from start to finish to ensure their products are produced using only the purest organic cotton. 

Committed to ensuring transparency throughout the supply chain process, TOM focuses heavily on ensuring that the supply chain process is understood from start to finish. 

To ensure their products are as environmentally friendly as they come, TOM Organics packaging is all recyclable, using only soy-based inks when printing. 

Here at MAAEMO we are always making sure we look for products which focus on conscious consumerism. We strive to incorporate small changes in our daily lives that make a difference, whether that be using a keep cup, recycling your skin care products or purchasing female period care that doesn't cost the earth! 

We have teamed up with TOM Organics for our recent giveaway where you can win a 6 month supply of Maaemo products as well as a 6 months supply of TOM period care. Head to our latest post to enter.