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Seasonal Skin - How to update your skin routine as the seasons change.
Seasonal Skin - How to update your skin routine as the seasons change.

As the seasons change so should your skin care products. 

Moving into the colder months it is important to make sure you are adding additional moisture & hydration to the skin. 

As we begin to blast the heaters our skin can become dry & damaged hence the need for additional hydration. 

Another important tip to remember - Don’t forget SPF! With cloudy days comes a lack of awareness around applying daily SPF. Whether it is sunny or not, you still need to be applying SPF every single day (This is non-negotiable).   

Now let's get into a very simple yet effective AM / PM routine as we transition into the cooler winter months. 

AM routine 

Step 1 ) Refresh your skin with an early morning cleanse. The Purifying Gel Cleanser is a gentle foaming cleanser which works to deeply cleanse pores, removing acne & dirt from the skin. 

Step 2) Now for your serums & moisturisers! Apply your Hydrating Face Cream onto freshly cleansed skin massaging the product into the skin. Enriched with Shea Butter, this hydrating facial cream works to deliver essential fatty acids to the skin, maintaining and supporting skin health. 

Step 4 ) The most important step of them all - SPF!! As we transition into the cooler winter months don’t neglect the use of sunscreen.

PM routine 

Step 1 ) Remove the day with a hydrating cleanser. The Rejuvenation Cleanser contains Hazelnut Oils which work to deeply hydrate the skin while gently removing makeup & SPF from the skin. 

Step 2) The Purifying Gel Cleanser will deeply cleanse pores ensuring all makeup & dirt is removed from the skin. It is so important to double cleanse if you are wearing makeup & SPF daily. 

Step 3 ) While this step isn’t one we recommend everyday, it is important to incorporate a weekly exfoliant in your skin care routine. We recommend using the Fruit Enzyme Refiner 2-3 times weekly to gently dissolve dead skin cells. AHA fruit enzymes work as a chemical exfoliant to dissolve dead skin cells without the physical motion of scrubbing. 

Step 4 ) Now for the holy grail facial oil, the Vitalize Face Elixir. Enriched with pomegranate and rosehip oils, the elixir will deeply nourish & heal the skin. 

Step 5) Lastly, lock in moisture with the Hydrating Face Cream. This lightweight, fast absorbing facial cream will restore moisture while also encouraging collagen production.