18 - 08 - 21
The Do's and Don'ts Of Skin Care
The Do's and Don'ts Of Skin Care

With so much information out there skin care can get confusing! We have put together a list of skin care do’s & don'ts to help you navigate your way through and discover which trends to follow and which to ditch. 

Skin care do’s

  • Invest in a quality cleanser. Cleansing is important no matter what age! Be sure to select a gentle cleanser that won't strip your skin of natural oils, this can leave your skin feeling tight or dry. We formulated our Purifying Gel Cleanser & Rejuvenation Clay Cleanser to be gentle enough to cleanse pores without stripping away natural oils in the skin.
  • Always wash your face. We cannot stress this enough, wash your makeup and SPF off every night - let your skin breathe. 
  • Natural is always best. When choosing skin care products remember this, everything you put on your skin enters into your body! You don’t want nasty chemicals seeping into your pores. We focus on ensuring all our products are organic & natural derived from only the purest ingredients. 
  • Exfoliate weekly. This will buff away dead skin cells, allowing for cell renewal. Weekly exfoliation will also enhance the absorption of other products in your skin care regime. Our Fruit Enzyme Refiner is perfect for all skin types as it utilises AHA fruit enzymes which will gently loosen dead skin cells without the physical motion of scrubbing the product. 
  • If you want hydrated, clear skin make sure you are drinking your water! Aim for 3 liters a day to ensure optimal skin health. 
  • Use antioxidant rich serums. Antioxidants are your best friend and will help protect against damaging free radicals! 

Skin Care Don'ts!

  • Don’t skip SPF. SPF is an essential step in your daily skin care routine. Without the use of an SPF your skin will be unprotected against damaging UV rays and may undo all the amazing work of your skin care. 
  • Don’t over exfoliate. Yes there is such a thing as too much. Over-exfoliation can actually damage the skin's barrier.
  • Don’t use toothpaste as a spot treatment! If you are wanting to spot treat opt for a clay treatment. Our Elimination Mask is perfect as a spot treatment, simply mix the dry mix mask, apply to the pimple and leave overnight. This clay will reduce redness & irritation, soaking up acne & excess oils.