05 - 08 - 22
The MAAEMO Inner Circle
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At MAAEMO the feedback and opinions of our loyal community is invaluable. We strive to create products that are carefully developed using only the purest organic ingredients to enhance, preserve & protect healthy skin. 

After studying naturopathy, MAAEMO founder Hillary has seen the first hand benefits of harnessing nature to improve wellbeing. 

Confident in the profound benefits of natural & organic skincare products, Hillary & the MAAEMO team founded the MAAEMO Inner Circle to provide customers with real life results & testimonials. 

We first launched the MAAEMO Inner Circle when developing the Inner Radiance Powder. This product is one that relies heavily on educating our audiences on the benefits of nourishing your skin from the inside out. 

After 8 weeks of consumption and some astonishing results, we were able to provide customers with amazing real life testimonials & results. 

100% of users in the consumer trial noticed an improvement in their overall complexion.

100% of users in the consumer trial noticed decreased breakouts & acne. 

77% of users in the consumer trial noticed a reduction in the appearance of pigmentation.

Since the launch of the MAAEMO Inner Circle, we have gone on to conduct consumer trials with the Hydra Glow Serum, Hydra Lift Eye Gel & Vitalize Face Elixir. These remarkable skincare results reflect the unique formulation process which founder Hillary extensively ensures includes only the most effective, natural & organic ingredients. 

The texture of the serum was nice on my skin, especially when my face was a little wet. The scent is amazing, it feels like I am using a flower on my face. You literally could not improve the scent any more! My skin felt way more hydrated, I found myself needing to use less makeup day to day due to my skin looking clearer and brighter. I was especially impressed with how nice and soft my skin still felt the morning after using the serum as part of my night time routine. I would definitely recommend this product, especially to people who may have dehydrated skin.” - Courtney, consumer from Hydra Glow Serum trial. 

When commencing the Inner Circle trial, we provide our customers with their own MAAEMO log book & journal. The log book tracks and monitors the progress seen weekly within their skin, noting any significant improvements / changes. At the conclusion of the trial, the applicants reflect on their experience, providing their final review and any recommendations they think would further improve the efficacy of the product. 

These trial reviews form the basis of our statistical analysis of improvements noticed through consistent use of our products. We include these insights across marketing & social channels to help us communicate the effectiveness & need for the product in our customers skincare regimes. 

 At MAAEMO we love to connect with our loyal customers, ensuring we are continually listening to their skincare needs and developing products that reflect this.  If you are interested in joining our Inner Circle or have an amazing skin transformation you would like to share with us, please reach out to hannah@maaemo.com.au