03 - 08 - 21
Why collagen is a MUST in our skin care regimes.
Why collagen is a MUST in our skin care regimes.

Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the body, it is found in the skin, muscles, ligaments & bones.

Collagen keeps skin strong, maintaining elasticity & hydration. As we age our natural production of collagen begins to diminish leading to thinner, dehydrated & less elastic skin. As collagen decreases it can also lead to brittle nails, hair loss, fine lines and wrinkles.

While collagen is often associated with skin it also plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity of the gut. Collagen helps to maintain healthy connective tissues throughout the digestive tract. Ensuring the integrity of your digestive tract will help prevent ‘leaky gut’, this occurs when the lining of the digestive tract is damaged and can lead to food particles passing into the bloodstream causing inflammation.

To ensure collagen is replenished we like to incorporate a supplement in our beauty regimes as well as focusing on eating foods which are rich in vitamin C and essential fatty acids.

When deciding which collagen supplement is for you, there are typically two sources you can choose from. Firstly, marine collagen. Marine collagen is derived from the skin of fish, some may argue it is more environmentally friendly as it offers use for the skin instead of it being discarded.

Our favourite collagen Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty Powder with vitamin C, is a bioactive marine supplement which helps to support the structural integrity of the skin, increasing elasticity, antioxidant protection and supporting healthy skin & nails.

If you are opting for an alternative to marine collagen, bovine may be something to consider. Bovine collagen is derived from cows and is found to increase the production of collagen type I and III. Type III is responsible for collagen in the skin, due to Bovine promoting this type of collagen it may be found to be useful in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and promoting skin elasticity and moisture retention.

When comparing the two types of collagen it is important to note that Marine has fewer inflammatory responses within the body and has a higher absorption rate than Bovine.

As well as supplements there are also ways in which you can incorporate foods to help boost collagen production and ensure skin & hair health. You can read our blog written by accredited dietitian Millie Padula where she discusses the best foods to eat for healthy hair, skin & nails.

We have incorporated ingredients which will help promote collagen production in our Hydrating Face Cream, Fruit Enzyme Refiner, Elimination Mask & Hydra Lift Eye Gel.