17 - 03 - 22
Why you need a weekly DIY facial.
Why you need a weekly DIY facial.

If you are like us, weekly skin care & beauty upkeep is a must. 

Self care is always a good way to reset and take some time out for yourself and what better way to do this than with a nourishing facial. 

Whether you love the detoxifying Elimination Mask or prefer the hydrating Rejuvenation Cleanser, we thought we would talk you through some of the benefits of a weekly DIY face mask! 

Draws out impurities in the skin - If you wear makeup & SPF daily, it is important to make sure you are soaking up excess dirt & oils in the skin. The Elimination Mask is a great way to soak up excess oils in the skin, eliminating dirt & acne causing impurities. 

Hydrating & brightening - If you are wanting to hydrate & brighten your overall complexion, the Rejuvenation Cleanser is our go-to product for restoring a glowing complexion. Used as a mask, we recommend applying the Rejuvenation Cleanser to the face and leaving for 1-2 minutes. Hazelnut Oil in the cleanser will deeply hydrate the skin while Papaya extracts will brighten your overall complexion. 

Encourages cell renewal - Using the Rejuvenation Cleanser as a face mask will help to encourage cell renewal. Enriched with Lactic Acid & Papaya extracts, the Rejuvenation Cleanser will gently buff the skin, removing dead skin and encouraging cell renewal. 

Promotes a more even complexion - Enriched with White Willow Bark extracts, the Elimination Mask contains anti-inflammatory properties which will help to reduce any redness or irritation in the skin.